How to personalise your wedding: Create a logo and brand your Big Day

One of the most stylish, cost-effective and easiest ways of personalising your Big Day is to create a logo of you and your fiancé’s initials or names and use it on your invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards, menus and any other printed materials.

But why stop there? How about also printing bespoke stickers or having a custom stamp made and personalising even more elements of your day? It’s amazing how simple this is to do and how much fun you can have branding different details of your day.

For my wedding to Jeremy, I used our initials  J and K, to create a very clean symbol that represented our union. As is often the case with logos, the simpler the better – the litmus test is said to be can you draw your logo with a stick in the sand? (Try that out on your honeymoon!).

Here you can see our wedding logo’s first outing on our ‘Save The Date’ that I designed.
Next on my design list, was creating the invitations and with these I combined the simplicity of the logo with a pop-art influenced collage of imagery that represented the two of us, our childhoods, and important landmarks and locations in our relationship. We wanted to make our invitations fun and also wanted to share elements of our personalities and relationship with our guests. The printing and production techniques were as important to me as the design so we chose to print them on a beautiful thick 640gsm stock called Omnia that has the texture of watercolour paper. I felt like our guests would almost be receiving a small pop art screen print when they received our invitation!

wedding invitation by Karen Cinnamon

The text and logo on the reverse of the invitation also had a quality feel as they were printed with raised thermography, and the font itself was traditional and pretty. No swirly wedding text for us! Our printers, Ashwyk, were fabulous to deal with, gave a really attentive service, and produced outstanding results that we were over the moon with.

image: Ashwyk

The finishing touch was custom made square envelopes from Mount Street Printers with our logo on round stickers from Moo on the reverse. For our address labels we used these fantastic clear labels and printed them at home with the same font we used on the invitation. The result was that the addresses looked as though they were professionally printed direct on the envelopes but it was actually all done on a home printer with these amazing clear labels. I really recommend them!

Above you can see the full suite of what else we had printed using our wedding logo and branding. One of the most fun things we did was print menus that also doubled up as individually-messaged name cards. The menu was printed on one side and on the reverse we had our guest’s name printed with a personal message from us. It took a while to do  them but we really wanted everyone to know how important their presence was to us at our wedding.


Bride Namecard
I’d like to tell you about two more weddings I’ve come across which I think have had  exceptional branding. The first is the wedding between Toronto-based Michael and Shaun who met whilst waiting for a flight on Christmas Eve. This fed their “Love at First Flight” wedding theme. Everything from their initials becoming airport codes, to the ‘in-flight meals’ served to mini planes on cupcakes to (e)motion sickness bags for the ceremony tied in with their “Love at First Flight” wedding theme.

A few images showcasing their brilliant wedding branding are below but lots more can be seen on Michael’s website All pictures below by Riley Stewart. Wedding_Branding9 Wedding_Branding10 Wedding_Branding11 Wedding_Branding12 Wedding_Branding13 Wedding_Branding14 Wedding_Branding15 Wedding_Branding16 Wedding_Branding17 Wedding_Branding18 Wedding_Branding19 Wedding_Branding21 Wedding_Branding22 Wedding_Branding23 Wedding_Branding24
The second is the wedding of Liz and Jordan who married in a barn in the Cotswolds. They came up with a very stylish logo using their surnames, Harper & Hay, which they used beautifully and with real taste on everything from pencils (genius idea!) to stickers to flags to candles to wedding cake! Some wonderful ideas here. See the images below for some of their branding ideas and then head on over to Rock My Wedding to see the full suite of pictures from their wedding and to read their story. All pictures below by Ed Peers. Wedding_Branding1 Wedding_Branding2 Wedding_Branding3 Wedding_Branding4 Wedding_Branding5 Wedding_Branding6 Wedding_Branding7 Wedding_Branding8



  1. Vic says

    Hey Karen, I am struggling with a logo as our initials are V & T, as in roll the VT or lets watch some TV! What’s worse is that putting our names together you get victim! Any suggestions? x”

  2. says

    Hi Vic. ‘victim’ is genius – if it wasn’t so wrong! Depending on your personalities / theme of the wedding, what about doing something something like ‘v+t ‘ ie. using lowercase type and the ‘plus sign’ in a simple, modern font?

    Or using a beautiful ampersand (&) and making a stylish V&T (see the V&A logo is an example of how you can be clever with an ampersand:

    Or have a look at this example of a logo: See how it’s simplicity is it’s beauty and you can encase it in a shape that you like, or that’s personal to you, that can then follow through in your stationery. I did that with the white crest shape on my save the dates and then followed it through on the menus….