A Mira Zwillinger bride for a snowy ski-themed Jewish wedding in the mountains of Verbier, Switzerland

I’m a bit of a ski-ing nut and LOVE everything that goes with the sport – the breathtaking scenery, the high altitude vibe, and the après-ski  life. So when I first clapped eyes on this wintery mountain wedding, I can hand on heart say that my breath was momentarily taken away. Then when I spotted the images of the bride and groom in ski boots having fun on the powder, I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes – my goodness… how lucky are we this morning?!

With a bride called Summer, this winter wedding is everything. I’m talking killer photography by Ronen Boidek, a Swiss mountain backdrop complete with sunshine, snow, alphorns, mulled wine, cheese fondue, St Bernard dogs, lanterns, candles, and a Mira Zwillinger gown so pretty it could move you to tears. But even more than that, it’s the sheer joy captured in every last image. Summer, take it away…

Verbier wedding
Our wedding in a nutshell

Summer, the Bride: I think the mountain setting helped make the wedding unusual! The alphorns, mulled wine, cheese fondue, cow bells, lanterns, candles and mountain tent all helped create a special day. We made a whole weekend of it with a mountain lunch and dinners and I hope that our guests had a really different and fun wedding weekend!

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