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I have some really exciting news to share with you – Smashing The Glass has been shortlisted in the hugely prestigious Best Real Life Weddings category in the 2015 Wedding Blog Awards!

I’m beyond thrilled, and it’s an absolute honour to be named alongside so many of my favourite blogging peers (including some of the biggest blogs in the world!). Thank you to all the brides, photographers and suppliers who have submitted the most sensational Jewish weddings that have enabled STG to be nominated in the Real Weddings category.

My category includes two of the biggest wedding blogs in the world so in order to be in with a chance of winning I’ll need you to unleash your voting superpowers. It’s a 50/50 reader vote / judges’ decision situation, so your vote really will make the difference. If you have a spare moment (I promise it will take you no more than 10 seconds) I would so appreciate your support.

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Just head over to the Wedding Blog Awards shortlist page to vote – you’ll find me in the Best Real Life Weddings Blog category (in the top right hand corner). Voting closes on Friday 11th September, but why not do it now? It can be your good deed for the day!

Smashing The Glass has been my baby for just over two years now, and I’ve produced more than 350 posts in that time, alongside welcoming two other precious babies into my life – my darling Sacha (now 22 months) and Zara (now 4 months). It’s sure been busy but I can honestly say that blogging and motherhood have enriched my life beyond belief. I feel very lucky. 

The idea for Smashing The Glass came to me in 2013 during the run-up to my own wedding when I realised that there wasn’t any one place that brought together creative ideas for style-focussed Jewish (and Jew-ish!) W-days. It became – and still is – the UK’s only Jewish wedding blog, and the only blog worldwide focussing on original and unusual Jewish ‘I-Do’s’.

I’m particularly honoured to have been nominated in the Best Real Life Weddings Blog category, as the Real Jewish weddings are the heart and soul of Smashing The Glass. I am fortunate enough to be inundated with submissions on a daily basis, and fiercely curate this section of the blog to bring you only the most inspirational and stylish Jewish (and Jew-ish) W-Days from around the world. I also take great pride in writing hugely detailed accounts of each and every real wedding to inspire you with every aspect of the very special Jewish weddings I choose to feature.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your wonderful support so far (Oh G-d, please stop me… I’m starting to sound like Gwyneth!) but it genuinely means so much to me that you share in the joint inspiration of Smashing The Glass. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me this far, but now let’s win this thing!

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Carmel & Aviv | ‘love carnival in a green house’ DIY Jewish wedding at the groom’s rose farm, Northern Israel

Carmel and Aviv knew that they wanted to make their wedding as personal to the two of them as they possibly could, so what could be better then doing everything (and I mean everything!) themselves? Oh yes – once these two had decided on a DIY W-day, it was full steam ahead, and then some. Get ready to admire what is probably one of the most DIY’d weddings I have ever featured on Smashing The Glass. It truly gives new meaning to the phrase, ‘labour of love’.

For 6 months, this gorgeous pair made the drive every weekend from Tel Aviv, to the groom’s family farm in Northern Israel to renovate an old greenhouse from the bone. They straightened the ground, laid a concrete dance floor, and planted literally thousands of flowers and trees. (To give you an idea, they planted about 400 sunflowers in one field alone!).

And it didn’t stop there. Once the space was ready, Carmel and Aviv made everything themselves from the decorations to the flags to the signage, not to mention hand-crafting their invitations, table numbers and place names. There was also a flower booth on the day, with live flower weaving to decorate the guests. Genius.

The most personal thing they incorporated though, was a wonderful heirloom – their chuppah canopy. It has been used in the groom’s family for two generations for every wedding in the family, and Aviv’s grandmother weaves the names of every new couple into it. How magical is that?

A immense amount of time and effort has clearly gone into this incredible wedding, so enjoy all the wonderful details and get ready for some serious pinterest-induced mania! Both the bride and the groom have written the report today, and why wouldn’t they when there was so much joint involvement with the wedding planning ? One of my favourite quotes from the groom is:

Our wedding was full of happiness and love. We guess that when people see how much love you’re putting into it, they return it with extra.”

I love that.

Their day is exquisitely photographed by the super talented Shai Franco and don’t miss the highlights film at the end by the equally accomplished Shahar Lev.

DIY wedding
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A Carolina Herrera bride and an Alexander McQueen groom for a Jewish Irish wedding at the Senate House Library, London, UK

From the moment I started reading Francesca’s wedding report, it took all of five seconds for me to warm to this beautiful, sassy, witty woman. This really is one of the loveliest, and most entertaining, wedding reports I’ve read to date, so if you can spare five minutes to sit and read Francesca’s words as well as look at the stunning photography by Christian and Erica Ward I promise you, you’ll be inspired.

I can’t resist giving you a little snippet… Here’s how Francesca broke the news to her Jewish mother that she was dating Andrew, a non-Jewish guy:

When I told my mother that I was dating someone non-Jewish (the first time it had happened) and that it was serious, I softened her up first: “he’s not Jewish… but he is a tall, handsome trilingual rocket scientist!”. She agreed that my cost/benefit analysis was sound.”

Yes, what you’re about to see and read is truly special. This is how to do a super cool, super chic, interfaith wedding that blends traditions to perfection and oozes personality by the bucketload.

There are so many things I love about this wedding that I’d be here until midnight listing them all, but I will say that the table numbers and signs are old law reports that Francesca hand-painted (she’s a barrister), the confetti cones are made out of the Financial Times (Andrew works in finance), there’s an ‘Alhambra disco’ (Francesca will explain that later), an Irish harpist, and a traditional hora, personalised iced biscuits for each guest, and the most incredible invitations that perfectly symbolise the fusion of Francesca and Andrew through the art of paper-cut!

On the fashion front, there are the most exquisite pair of Harriet Wilde shoes, a Carolina Herrera dress (with a story and half to it), and a groom in an Alexander McQueen blue velvet tux… Need I say anymore? Over to the gorgeous Francesca.

Jewish Irish Wedding
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“My best Jewish wedding photo” by Tom Bartov

A weekly Sunday series where I ask some of the world’s best wedding photographers to pick out their favourite shot from their Jewish wedding portfolio. This week it’s the turn of Tom Bartov.


‘Elements’ by Tom Bartov

As a documentary photographer the most important thing for me is catching the moment as it happens. This shot was taken during Yulia and Boaz’s wedding and I was able to catch them just as they were making their way to the venue as we finished shooting. I really like the combination of nature, modern architecture and the connection between the couple… it’s like magic when you combine a few elements together and they all fit together perfectly.”

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Naama & Ezri | Urban Jewish wedding in a bar, at Jem’s Beer Factory, Tel Aviv, Israel

When this first picture (above) of Naama and Ezri landed in my inbox, I knew that this would be a brilliant wedding to blog on Smashing The Glass.

First off, I have a soft spot for any kind of unusual Jewish wedding venue, and their choice is certainly  different: a beer factory (yes beer factory!) with the most gorgeous decor and an intimate, homely feel.

Second of all, will you just look at those two?! One of the best things about this job is how uplifting it is to look at images of people in love, and I think it’s fair to say that Naama and Ezri are truly, madly, deeply in love. Their deep affection for each other literally radiates from every one of the fashion magazine-worthy images by Simsisters.

Naama and Ezri two are free-spirited souls who incorporated all sorts of personal touches into their big day, and it must be said that this is also the first W-Day I’ve ever blogged that includes a ‘spoken word’ session!

Let me hand you over to Naama, to tell you all about her and Ezri’s story… Have a great weekend everyone!

Beer Factory wedding
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