A Jew-ish Industrial Vintage same-sex wedding with a Lyn Ashworth gown at St Pancras Renaissance, London

Tissues at the ready, folks, because I guarantee that you won’t make it through this gorgeous lesbian Jew-ish wedding without welling up – especially if you watch the tear-jerker of a wedding video at the bottom of this post, artfully and sensitively shot by Love Storage.

Charlotte and Ellie wanted a dramatic and industrial meets romantic, dark florals-vibe for their big day, and they found the perfect venue in the iconic St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London. The story of the day was expertly captured by fantastic photographer, Dale Weeks.

We simply adore the moody aesthetic and jewel-toned theme; Charlotte and Ellie’s vintage-industrial look made their whole day so quirky and unique, but still so chic and stunning.

The attention to detail from artistic bride Ellie was simply phenomenal. Each item was carefully and lovingly picked with the theme in mind: the home-designed invitations, the rust-coloured chairs, the Victoriana table decorations and whole flower stems strewn down the aisle. The style extended to the brides’ outfits, which were simply beautiful and perfectly in keeping with the tone and theme of the wedding.

We love the birch pole Chuppah, complete with Charlotte’s grandfather’s tallit, and that the start of the Jewish ceremony was signaled with one of our all-time favourite wedding songs, Sunrise Sunset. Could there be a more perfect or sincere way to conduct a Jewish ceremony?

Over to Charlotte and Ellie to fill us in on all the details from their divine wedding day.

jewish-wedding-st-pancras-renaissance-london-uk_0013 lesbian-jewish-wedding jewish-wedding-st-pancras-renaissance-london-uk_0035 gold-wedding-cake
When you know, you know

Charlotte: Ellie and I met online. There was no woo-ing and no long conversations. Ellie sent me a message saying “Shall we go for a drink then?” and when I agreed she informed me that I had to choose the location.

I chose The Bridge in Hoxton and we met outside Hoxton station that Saturday afternoon because we both already had evening plans.

We sat side by side in the boudoir-like surroundings, drinking coffee and chatting for hours. It felt very natural from the start, like we’d known each other for years. It didn’t take long before we were spending every spare day together!

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The Pros and Cons of using Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

This week marks the two-digit countdown to our wedding and things are starting to get a bit scary real! Suddenly all those little things we thought we would leave for a while actually need doing and the dreaded bills are starting to fly in! My Pinterest dream is about to become a reality. But the question is will my wedding live up to the Pinterest dream I had hoped for, and is it possible for weddings to live up to the dream?

I’m not going to lie, I had a very full ‘wedding dreams’ Pinterest board way before I even had a ring on my finger and now as I sit scrolling through it I am curious to know how my ideas changed, if they changed and why they changed.

The ring

I always knew I wanted a ring that was a bit different. Those that know me know I don’t like to go with the trend and it was definitely the case with the ring. My pinned rings are very close to the truth of what I ended up with but that’s because Gideon and I played a lot of ‘let’s look in jewellery windows and pick rings we like’ so I am pretty sure he had a very good idea of what I wanted. That paired with me repeatedly telling my sister and mum what I wanted meant that my Pinterest ring dreams came true. Sapphire and diamond rings are all over my Pinterest board and it’s a Sapphire and Diamond stunner that lives on my hand.

The dress

As you know I have blogged about my wedding dress and shared with all of you the highs and lows of getting it. I think that one of the main problems with dress shopping is the Pinterest dream people are looking for.

As brides to be we all spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect dress and when reality sets in; my body (and I’m sure I am not the only one) did not fit the dress my Pinterest board had suggested and nor did my budget. The one down fall with Pinterest is that the wedding dresses don’t come with a price tag (maybe a new idea for the IT savvy out there!) so I might have been dreaming a bit out of my price range.

I think dress shopping on Pinterest does need to come with a warning. You can look and enjoy, peruse at your leisure but be realistic. Be true to yourself and remember the line that every bride says: ‘you never end up with the dress you think you will end up with.’ Bare all that in mind and you can pin those dresses to your heart’s content.

wedding moodboard

I went a little bit pin heavy here. My dream has always been to have this whimsical, barn wedding where everyone is happy and merry and is transported to a world away from London. I have pretty much stuck to it. We are getting married in a barn with fairy lights (despite Gideon’s loud protests) and we are creating a relaxed wedding with as much dancing and fun as we can feasibly fit into the day.

What I would say is that once again Pinterest’s lack of a price tag meant I had no idea how much my vision was going to cost me. I thought hay bales and signs would be cheap but actually when you start adding up all the little things that you think would make it a perfect day suddenly the cost starts creeping up and Gideon is shouting at me that we are over budget again!

Niki & Will’s Jewish wedding in a barn (image: onelove)

Pinterest allows you to create a wedding where every single small detail is taken care of but actually in reality nobody would know if the small detail was there or not. Of course it would be lovely to have an entire sofa area made out of hay bales with cushions and rugs but actually people will be fine just sitting on chairs. And yes it would be lovely to have our guests sign 500 different pieces of wood and printing their finger on a poster that we might put up in our house one day. But actually, the reality is that people rarely write on those things because they are too drunk or they didn’t see it (speaking from experience at our engagement party). So it won’t be missed. So slowly I learnt that although the small details and decorations of my dream Pinterest wedding would be lovely they aren’t worth pushing the budget for (did you hear that Gideon? I really am trying!).

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An earthy pastel-themed Jewish wedding at Villa Miani, Rome, Italy

We can’t help it – at STG we’re total suckers for a romantic destination wedding, and destinations don’t get much dreamier than the rustic Italian hills overlooking the whole of the city of Rome (the groom’s favourite childhood beauty spot, no less).

This earthy, natural and pastel-accented beauty was submitted by much-loved Smashing Supplier wedding planner, Italian Wedding Company and we just adored swooning over the pictures and hearing Americans, Lynell and David’s, touching account of their big day.

First of all, can we just talk about the décor scheme? Enchanted foliage and moss-heavy foundations decorated with soft and chic ballet-pink pastel hues, and that Chuppah! It all looks like something out of a contemporary adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream – whimsical and with a real wow-factor, captured expertly by photographer Joe Kathrina.

While this real wedding is undoubtedly stunningly beautiful, it was also rich with emotion. Having grown up glued to her parents’ wedding video, where her mother walked down the aisle to Sunrise Sunset (we like Fiddler on the Roof just a bit, didn’t you know?), romantic Lynell chose the same song to make her entrance.

And this part of David and Lynell’s write up stopped us in our tracks: most couples would be upset about rain on their wedding day, but when it started to lightly drizzle right after the vows were exchanged, bride Lynell said it was like the sky was crying happy tears with them. We’re not crying – you’re crying!

We could go on for hours about this wedding’s magical moments, from the food (don’t read this while hungry – don’t say we didn’t warn ya) to a particularly adorable idea involving sparklers, but we’ll hand over to the happy couple now to tell you all about their day, in their own words.

destination-jewish-wedding-villa-miani-rome-italy_0004 destination-jewish-wedding-villa-miani-rome-italy_0024 destination-jewish-wedding-villa-miani-rome-italy_0002 destination-jewish-wedding-villa-miani-rome-italy_0003 A romantic hilltop ceremony overlooking Rome

Lynell, the bride: We got married in Rome. Surrounded by our closest family and friends we said forever at Villa Miani in Monte Mario, a hilltop villa overlooking all of Rome.

David had lived in Monte Mario with his family when he was in high school, and one of his favourite things about living there was being able to see the most beautiful view of the entire city. To have that same view as the backdrop for our wedding was something neither of us will ever forget.

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STG Review: Berta Fall 2017 Collection European Launch

Berta-Bridal-Fall-2017 There’s nothing more exciting than a fashion show. The pure anticipation when the room falls silent before the music comes on and all eyes are on the catwalk, awaiting the first glimpse of a designer’s divine new creations.

Last night, I had the immense pleasure of attending the European launch of Israeli designer Berta’s Fall 2017 Collection. It was a gloriously glittering fashion show, at The Savoy’s infamously breathtaking ballroom, hosted by exclusive UK Berta stockist and proud Smashing Supplier, The Wedding Club.

As the event’s official blogger, and having had many Berta brides grace the STG pages, it was an absolute delight to capture the action on Facebook Live and in a series of Instagram shorts. If you missed it, now’s your chance to catch up on everything, including the great cape action (warning, may induce intense dress lust).

Berta has developed quite a reputation as a cutting-edge bridal fashion brand. With all the sex appeal, seductiveness and gumption that personify Mediterranean strong female expression, Berta’s beautifully curated Instagram feed has amassed over a million well-deserved followers.


Amazing @bertabridal {more on Insta Stories} #allthesparkles @theweddingclub1

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Berta’s signature aesthetic, sheer fabrics, luxurious lace, plunging necklines and low backs, were all hallmarks of the new collection, but it’s also worth mentioning that there were also sparkles aplenty, capes and trains, bringing an added touch of luxe and glamour to the collection’s stunning, sensual and frankly show-stopping silhouettes.

The show itself was a delight to watch. The Wedding Club and Berta did a fantastic job of championing diversity, with a gorgeous range of body types and ethnicities represented on the catwalk.

If you’re already in love (let’s face it, of course you are), here’s how to find a local Berta stockist:

In the UK

The UK’s exclusive stockist of Berta, The Wedding Club, are offering STG readers a 10% discount on any non-sale dress order placed in January 2017 at their London store. Quote ‘Smashing the Glass’ to receive your discount.

Call +44 (0)20 7581 9540 | email info@thewedding-club.co.uk | Visit 10 Yeomans Row, Knightsbridge, London SW3 2AH or 16 Highfield Rd, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 3DU

In the USA

Berta stockists in the USA

For your pinning pleasure, I’ve added images of every dress – with front and back views – from the Fall 2017 collection below (all captured by the fabulous Evette Chiverton). There’s also a film of the evening at the end of the post, by the gorgeous Urban Cinematography.

Would you wear a Berta dress? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Follow Berta on Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube

My behind-the-scenes clip at The Savoy just before the show started!

Berta Bridal Fall 2017

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STG Recommends: Lamare London

I am thrilled to welcome Lamare London to our Smashing Suppliers, Smashing The Glass’s handpicked selection of the best brands and services the wedding industry has to offer.

Smashing The Glass hand selects and verifies each Smashing Supplier, and can personally vouch for the fact that every one of them has the ability to turn your wedding day into something truly special.

You can find Lamare London in the Wedding Planning category in the UK Smashing Suppliers.


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