“My best Jewish wedding photo” by Matt Parry

A weekly series where I ask some of the world’s best wedding photographers to pick out their favourite shot from their Jewish wedding portfolio. This week it’s the turn of Matt Parry.


‘Energy’ by Matt Parry

The only way to truly capture weddings is to get right in the thick of the action. One of the true innovators of photography Robert Capa once said “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”

I love this shot. I love the dance floor at all Jewish weddings. OK I may take the odd elbow/chair leg to the face but its so worth it to get right up close and capture that sense of energy and happiness. Sometimes the energy and movement within images can be subtle (a moment just before a kiss) ….and sometimes it can be in your face obvious (a flying groom just before he collides with your camera lens).”

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Smashing the Bride’s Glass Ceiling

This is a guest post by Lucy Jenkins (pictured above), a newlywed television publicist living in London, whose wedding I featured on the blog last month.  

Over the last few years there has been a huge renaissance in the rise of feminism, with women pushing for the right to equal pay, equal rights and against every day sexism. In the wedding industry, an industry which revolves predominantly around women, it seems bizarre that there are so many antiquated rules that determine how we create our wedding days.

Over the past year I was asked on a nearly daily basis how ‘my’ wedding plans were going, and very rarely did anyone assume that my husband was involved in the intricacies of the planning process. There were constant references to ‘Lucy’s wedding’ and a general assumption that the big day was higher up on my agenda than his. It is an extraordinary set of circumstances and outdated behaviour that a wedding day seems to belong to the bride, and yet her voice is the only one that we do not hear.

After many years working in publishing and now in television I spend my days talking non-stop, and you’d think that when I leave the office that my ability to talk and talk and talk would diminish, but it never seems to. When Matt and I first met, on a flashing dance floor of a club, he offered to buy me a drink and we spent the next three hours sitting in the corner talking about anything and everything under the sun.

Our first few dates lasted until 2 or 3am, moving from restaurants to bars, watching last orders being called around us while we were lost to the world deep in conversation. We are both chatterboxes, we love regaling our friends with stories, working any problems out by talking them through, having heated debates and are most definitely not known for our shyness. And yet when it came to planning our big day he seemed a little taken aback that I wanted to stand up on stage and say a few words.

Image: Jez Dickson

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STG Recommends: Heaton House Farm

Image: Jonny Draper Photography

I am thrilled to welcome Heaton House Farm to our Smashing Suppliers, Smashing The Glass’s handpicked selection of the best brands and services the wedding industry has to offer.

Smashing The Glass hand selects and verifies each Smashing Supplier, and can personally vouch for the fact that every one of them has the ability to turn your wedding day into something truly special.

You can find Heaton House Farm in the Venues category in the UK Smashing Suppliers.

Heaton House
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Aly & Zach | Mountain-top Jewish wedding at The Lodge at Sunspot, Winter Park, Colorado, USA

I’m ready to favourite this post, and I haven’t even written it yet! You see, as a self-confessed ski nut, any wedding that includes a bride and groom atop a chair lift, a mountaintop vista, cable cars as wedding transport, an oxygen bar (yes really!) and a beaming bride and groom is a winner in my book. And thanks to the talents of Daniel Lopez Perez Photography, this Colorado beauty is all that plus SO much more.

Aly and Zach decided to have their ceremony 10,700 feet up a mountain. You see, you really can have a Jewish wedding anywhere! Aly’s skied down Winter Park Mountain every year of her life since she was five and the region means so much to her. What better reason to choose it as her wedding venue?

Frankly this W Day looks like it was a blast with so many cute details (like blue sunglasses as wedding favours) not to mention the sweetest dress and the most besotted groom I’ve seen in a while. I think you’ll love it all!

Take it away Aly…

Colorado mountain Jewish wedding
how we met

Aly, the Bride: Zach and I met at a small dive bar that our mutual friends were playing a live show at. I saw him at the end of the bar and told my friend I thought he was cute and asked her what I should say to him. My friends’s answer: “hello.” So I did. The rest of night included giant jenga, funk music, three bars, dancing, a few drinks, and a lot of laughing…. We moved in together three months later, and never looked back.

Colorado mountain Jewish wedding Colorado mountain Jewish wedding
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“My best Jewish wedding photo” by Ben Kelmer

A weekly series where I ask some of the world’s best wedding photographers to pick out their favourite shot from their Jewish wedding portfolio. This week it’s the turn of Ben Kelmer.

Ben Kelmer

‘Excitement’ by Ben Kelmer

I always try to capture the real moments in weddings. I love this photo because it shows the real excitement that Tal and Gal felt after their wedding ceremony, en route to their reception. Gal, in a moment of happiness, grabbed Tal and lifted her in the air. The excitement is palpable…”

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