Yael & Or | An astronomical party for an Israeli wedding at Tel Yah, Tel Yitzhak, Israel

Sometimes you just know when two people are made for each other and this is most definitely the case with Yael and Or. Together since high school, this fabulous couple decided to celebrate the start of their married life –  the first step in building their own Jewish home –  not far from the small town in Israel where they both grew up and where their families still live. Theirs is a totally sweet, and totally stylish tale.

You can’t get much better than a wedding by night in Israel.  It’s hot, fun, life-affirming and just good for the soul and oh my how beautifully this is captured by Chrisman Studios.

Yael and Or had been crazy about these photographers for a long time and made damn sure that they had them snap up some of the most impactful wedding photographs I’ve ever seen.

I mean really, some of these images are just ridiculously beautiful – and characterful.  The shots of the swimming pool in particular look like they belong in a Taschen coffee table book.  They’re almost theatrical in their vivacity and vibrancy – which perfectly sums up an Israeli wedding. And that final shot… the bride sure knows how to party like a rock star. Amen to that!

My other stand out love of Yael and Or’s wedding is their unique ceremony.  After cocktail hour, all 300 guests stood, yes stood, in front of  the chuppah – which just so happened to be on stage –  singing along to the Jewish prayers and songs, creating a completely engaged and loved-up atmosphere.  Perfect.

And before I hand over to the bride, it would be churlish of me not to mention that apart from Or, there is in fact another “the one” in Yael’s life – and that is her wedding dress.  Theirs was also a match made in heaven and one that was also approved by the whole family… even the groom!

Israeli wedding
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“My best Jewish wedding photograph” by Paul Rogers

A new weekly Sunday series where I ask some of the world’s best wedding photographers to pick out their favourite shot from their Jewish wedding portfolio. This week it’s the turn of Paul Rogers.

‘Father & Daughter’ by Paul Rogers

Weddings are all about the people for me. Sure, the venue is important, the clothes look great, and the couples put a lot of effort into all the little details on the day. But all that is just about creating the right kind of atmosphere for them and their friends to have a totally amazing day.  And when that happens, the pictures look great – happy people having a great day make happy pictures of those memories. I’m always on the lookout during the day for those little touches and glances between people that say so much about the relationship, in just a split second. They happen at every wedding, but a Jewish Wedding has them in abundance.

Speaking as a father of four year old Maddy, the bond between a Father and his daughter is a strong one. I can’t imagine a more emotionally charged day than watching the child you’ve nurtured for so many years marry the man that will love her and take care of her for ever. I’ve got a few years to prepare for that, but this image gives me a glimpse of what that day may be like in the future.

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Monica Vinader’s alphabet collection: the perfect personalised jewellery for your wedding day

Anyone that knows me, knows about my obsession with Monica Vinader and how it’s played its part in my love story with Mr STG. They’ll also know that I was a graphic designer in a past life and am near obsessed with typography and letter forms.

So when I heard that Monica had launched an alphabet collection using a variety of typographic styles for each letter,  I whooped, hollered and squealed with joy… I may also have done a little prance and a jig around STG HQ.

What would I go for? A Kicon (for Karen) pendant no doubt. Or perhaps I’d buy four! I’d love a K Jicon Sicon and Zicon symbolising the initials of Karen, Jeremy, Sacha and Zara, to represent myself, my husband and two daughters.

But it’s as a bride that you can have the most fun with these. On my wedding day, I surprised Mr STG right after our ceremony by wearing a necklace with my new initials for the reception and party. I hunted high and low to find some beautiful typographic pendants but couldn’t find anything particularly special. In the end I went for these rather simple silver letter pendants on a ball chain. If only Monica Vinader had launched the alphabet collection back in 2013 I would have jumped to buy her K, C and H! (In case you’re wondering, my maiden name is Cinnamon, and my husbands’s surname is Harris. I chose to go double barrelled and become Karen Cinnamon-Harris).

Of course these would also make beautiful bridesmaid gifts too, especially as each letter is distinct with its own style. It also adds a wonderful design touch that they come in a mix of upper and lower case letters, and deliberately vary between hanging straight and at angles.

Prices for the pendants range from £65 to £80 and they come in 18kt rose and yellow gold vermeil as well as sterling silver, and sit beautifully with a Monica Vinader chainicon.

Check out the full alphabet collection right hereicon, and do let me know what you go for!

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How to find your ideal wedding venue

Finding a wedding venue is, I’m guessing, right at the top of your to-do list (as well as finding a phenomenal dress of course!) Aleisha McCormack, author of the wedding planning guide Smart Wedding, and host of the Save The Date wedding podcast, is here to tell you how to find and secure your ideal wedding venue in a stress-free, easy-peasy and super-productive way.

The ‘Perfect’ Wedding Venue doesn’t exist…

Your idea of a ‘perfect’ wedding venue (if there is such a thing) is, most likely, vastly different to mine. I’d say besides deciding that the person that you are marrying is ‘the one’, your wedding venue is the biggest choice that you will make when it comes to wedding planning… a big decision in which many smaller decisions rely and revolve around…so no pressure then!

Thanks to the magic of the interwebs, some fabulous new specialty apps and lateral thinking, the search for the venue that fits you is super easy.

Oval Space
Image: Oval Space wedding venue, London

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Ava & Josh | Super-glam Art Deco inspired Jewish wedding at 501 Union, Brooklyn, New York City, USA

Sometimes New Yorkers just reach a level of perfection mere mortals can only imagine. This is one of those instances. Ava and Josh married in the 501 Union space in Brooklyn and theirs is an Art Deco-inspired day, serving the associated glamour, luxury and exuberance in spades. It’s stylish and polished beyond belief, yet family and their own union remains as the focal point throughout.

As an event producer, it was no surprise that the Ava, the bride, decided to orchestrate the entire day herself. In her own words, Ava ‘liked the idea of balancing organic, lush greenery and florals with fancy champagne towers and glamour golds’ – Let’s face it, this is not a run of the mill bride here – this lady knows her stuff.

And of course Ava was spot on – the organic and the glitz do work spectacularly together – diametrically opposed but so complementary. Have a look at the family style dinner amidst glamorous palms and champagne towers. The simple chuppah (incorporating her father’s tallit) and the beautiful hanging florals in the ceremony room and then, in the evening, guests partied under a gold ticker tape/snow globe effect on the dance floor.

In fact, I’m going to have to track down one of those industrial gold confetti machines, I’m not sure I can celebrate my next birthday without it. How did I not know they existed?!

While I’m at it, I might have to pinch Ava and Josh’s leaving gift ideas too – bagged coffee, late night snacks and Berocca. How super cool is that!

Ava and Josh found their photographer by browsing various wedding blogs – that’s why I love STG – I get a chance to showcase the works of the most amazing photographers and you have the opportunity to reach out and snap them up for yourselves!

Check out Kelly Kollar Photography’s photos below – and remember Ava and Josh are a very discerning couple!  gold confetti wedding gold confetti wedding

an art deco style space

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