18 unusual and creative guest book ideas

Image: Alively Photography via Style Me Pretty

It’s wonderful to have a wedding day guest book full of congratulatory messages and memories from guests, but how about mixing it up a little with these alternative ideas to the classic traditional book? These ideas will get guests chatting and mingling at the start of your reception so without further ado feast your eyes on these 15 fabulous and unique wedding guest book ideas to get you and your guests inspired.

1. Give the guest book a digital twist and make it part of your wedding day’s entertainment in its own right. This Digital Surface allows guests to scribble, doodle and create their own personal messages of congratulations and be as imaginative as they like. Best of all, guests contributions can be turned into a book after the event and reproduced for family members and in-laws.

[ image: maketheirday.co.uk / Sternberg Clarke ]

2.Instead of a formal guestbook have a ‘postcard washing line’. Guests pick a postcard and write their messages to you on the back, before pegging them to the line.

[ image: Joseph Hall / rockmywedding.co.uk]

3. Have your guests choose a postcard and write a message on the back. Then after your honeymoon display the postcards in an album or frame them on the wall. A lovely idea and keepsake!
alternative wedding guestbook

[ image: S6 Photography / rockmywedding.co.uk]

4. Have different colour ink pads and an illustration at the ready and  you’ll end up with a beautiful and personal thumbprint work of art.
Thumbprint balloons as guestbook alternative

[ image: bridesmagazine.co.uk ]
Thumbprint guestbook alternative
[ image: lorynloves.com ]

5. Have your guests sign river rocks instead of a guest book and you’ll have something you can display in your home for years.
river rocks guestbook

[ image: ruffledblog.com ]

6.  Create a quilt and have your guests sign or illustrate different squares.
A guest quilt you will actually use

[ image: theplungeproject.com ]

7. A birthday calendar guestbook is such a good idea – that way you already have everyones birthdays from both sides to start your new life.
birthday calendar guestbook

[ image: anon ]

8. Swap the guest book for a pair of wooden skis (or a record, guitar, hockey stick — you name it – anything personal to you both) that you can later display in your home.
wooden ski guestbook

[ image: theknot.com ]

9. Instead of a guest book this couple asked their guests to write a story of how they knew the bride or groom!
Alternative Guest Book

[ image: Whitney Furst for Laura Ivanova Photography / Style Me Pretty ]

10. If you love to travel how about having a globe as a guestbook?
Globe guestbook

[ image: luxurweddingsnevents.com ]

11. Create a wedding Guest Book with photo booth photos or polaroids.
Wedding Guest Book with photo booth photos

[ image: bridesmagazine.co.uk ]
Polaroid Guest Book
[ image: bridalguide.com ]

12. An adorable guestbook idea is to glue mini envelopes into a book and let guests write you tiny letters. This would also work well with photo booth pics too.
adorable guestbook idea

[ image: bridesmagazine.co.uk ]

13. For a vintage- styled wedding have guests type up their notes on an old-fashioned typewriter
Typewriter wedding guest book

[ image: anon ]

14. Have your guests sign individual jigsaw pieces for future use. Such a cute idea and could even work well framed!

jigsaw puzzle guest book

[ image: anon ]

15. A surf board can double up as  ‘guest book’ for water sport lovers
Surf Board 'guest book' for surf lovers

[ image: Signature Events ]

16. Have a ‘guest BOX’ instead of a guest book, where guests can record a message on video. The technology is now, and according to experts, handwriting will be phased out within 20 years anyway!

[ image: buzzycraftery.com ]

17. Instead of a guestbook, have your guests write on Jenga pieces. Every time you play Jenga, you’ll be reminded of your fabulous day and your wonderful friends and family!
Jenga guest book

[ image: theknot.com ]

18. Instead of a traditional guest book give out postcards and asked guests to write messages, draw pictures, anything they like! Everyone then puts them in a wedding postbox, and after the wedding you can put them in a frame and hang it on your wall at home.
alternative wedding guestbook
[ image: Especially Amy, taken from Ros & Alex’s contemporary cool Jewish wedding at The ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), London]

Have you seen any other fabulous ideas? Or did you do something creative for your own wedding guestbook? Let me know in the  comments section below!


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