Rosh Hashana Challenge

A FREE 7 Day challenge (whether you're Jewish or Jew-ish) that will take you from unprepared and "where do I start?" to leaning into your identity to create a fun, meaningful and fabulous Rosh Hashana


We’ll be talking fun Rosh Hashana recipes, cocktails, music playlists, table decor, and also more symbolic themes of reflection and intentions for the New Year inside the Challenge.

Rosh Hashana will be different this year, with communities unable to get together in the way they’ve done so for thousands of years.

But it doesn't mean that this year Rosh Hashana can't be just as memorable and meaningful!

And whether you're a Rosh Hashana regular, or you've never ever done this before, I want you to celebrate it beautifully (fun cocktails and pretty tablescapes included!) with a little help from Smashing The Glass, the world's biggest Jewish wedding blog.

Whether you’re able to get together with family or not, be part of our community and have an even more authentic and beautiful Rosh Hashana than you ever thought possible.

Challenge starts on September 10 2020.

Karen Cinnamon (credit: Claudine Hartzel Photography)

About Us

I’m Karen Cinnamon, founder of Smashing The Glass, the world’s biggest Jewish wedding platform, and Smashing Life, the world's first and only lifestyle membership for Jewish and Jew-ish women.

With offices in London and NYC, our mission is to curate non-judgemental, warm and inclusive online Jewish spaces to inspire you to lead your Jewish life your way in the company of like-minded women across the globe.

Our free Rosh Hashana challenge is going to be incredibly special and I invite you to join in whether you've celebrated the festival every year of your life, or you're just dipping your toes into (or back into) your Jewish identity.

The challenge starts on September 10 2020 and it's for everyone whether you're Jewish, Jew-ish, married, engaged or single... come on in!