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First Night of Hanukkah 2021 Party!

Come on baby, light my menorah! You're invited to our FREE Hanukkah party to:
👯 • Make new Jewish friends
🎶 • Hear live Hanukkah music
🎁 • Win fun prizes
🔥 • Light the candles
✡️ • Be part of an inclusive community
🛍️ • Get an epic Hanukkah swag bag!


Get ready to deck the halls with matzah balls (and plenty of donuts and Hanukkah gifts too!) at our FREE Hanukkah 2021 party (on Zoom!), alongside 100's of like-minded Jewish and Jew-ish women.

Whether you're a Hanukkah regular, or this will be your first time celebrating, be part of our community and have an even more fun and authentic first night of Hanukkah than you ever thought possible!

Karen Cinnamon (credit: Claudine Hartzel Photography)

About Me

I’m Karen Cinnamon, host of the Your Jewish Life Your Way podcast, and founder of Smashing Life, the fastest growing community membership club for Jewish + Jew(ish) women in the world.

I'm also the founder of
Smashing The Glass, the world’s biggest Jewish wedding platform.

With offices in NYC and London, we curate non-judgemental, warm and inclusive online Jewish spaces to inspire you to build the joyful Jew(ish) life you want – on your terms – in the company of like-minded women across the globe.

Our FREE Hanukkah party is on Sunday November 28 2021 and it's for everyone whether you're Jewish, Jew-ish, married, engaged or single... come on in!