With Karen Cinnamon, founder of Your Jewish Life + Smashing The Glass

Want to feel more connected to your Jewish identity, and tap into a community that 'gets' you? My free 7-day Jewish Connection Challenge is for you!

Have you ever felt like:

  • It's hard to meet like-minded Jewish people?
  • You don't have enough Jewish friends so you end up feeling disconnected?
  • You don't know where you fit into the Jewish world and you sometimes feel misunderstood?
  • The Jewish communities you know are too 'cliquey' and it can feel isolating?
  • You're not 'Jewish enough' and you're sometimes afraid of being judged?

If you answered yes to any of these, my Jewish Connection Challenge (Feb 28 - March 6) is for you!


With Karen Cinnamon, founder of Your Jewish Life + Smashing The Glass

Did I mention it's 100% free?

In just 15 mins a day for 7 days you'll get deeply connected to yourself, your identity, and like-minded new Jewish friends

1 Connection to yourself

On Day 1 we'll focus on connection to yourself (or your future self). You'll reconnect with the passions and talents that make you the unique person you are.

2 Connection to others

Day 2 is all about connection to others, and the 5 key things you need to do to make Jewish friends as an adult in 2022.

3 Connection to Jewish values

Day 3 is all about Jewish values. With my help, you'll work out the values that are closest to your heart and these will become the guide and foundation for everything you do.

4 Connection to your Jewish identity

On Day 4, you'll feel empowered to own your Jewish identity with no apologies! I'll be showing you how to live your Jewish life your way and build the life you want on your terms.

WORKSHOP: The 5 key components to living your best Jewish life in 2022

We'll wrap up the Challenge with an unmissable one hour workshop where I'll be sharing the 5 key components to living your best Jewish life in ‘22.

Ready for the Jewish Connection Challenge?

I can't wait to get you feeling connected, fulfilled and most importantly meeting new Jewish friends at a similar life stage to you.


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Who's behind this challenge?

Karen Cinnamon is the founder of Your Jewish Life, the premier podcast, Instagram account and weekly newsletter for Jewish and Jew(ish) millennials + Gen Z, with a combined reach of over 1 million users every week.

She is also the founder of Smashing Life, the fastest-growing community membership for Jewish + Jew(ish) women in the world, and Smashing The Glass, the world’s biggest Jewish wedding platform.

Featured in numerous publications such as the New York Times, Mail Online, and on BBC World News, and with offices in NYC and London, Karen and her team create empowering communities for like-minded Jewish women to learn, grow and support one another, and build the joyful Jew(ish) life they want – on their terms.

Karen Cinnamon, founder of Your Jewish Life, Smashing Life, + Smashing The Glass