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Karen Cinnamon working from home 8
When the mega-talented London wedding photographer, Rahul Khona, got in touch with me to shoot up a photography storm, I was really into the idea of capturing some images of my work / home space, as well as a few portraits.

I adore blogging and running a business from my home in Kentish Town, but inevitably, the boundaries between work, motherhood, marriage and ‘me’ time are a continuous blur. It’s something I’m used to though, as prior to setting up Smashing The Glass, I was running a freelance design business for 12 years, and working from home for about 50% of my projects.

My work space reflects my design background – there are Apple products everywhere, Pop Art influences, art books, sketch pads, pens and pencils, and a sense of clean aesthetics (that makes me sound really w*nky, doesn’t it?!).
Karen Cinnamon working from homeKaren Cinnamon working from home Karen Cinnamon working from home Karen Cinnamon working from home 2 Karen Cinnamon working from home 8

As well as my desk space, Rahul also photographed me working around the flat, because running a business from home means working at the kitchen table, on the sofa, and from the comfort of your bedroom, right? He also captured some wonderful shots of my 8 month old daughter who’s already more than at home on my Apple Mac (and also a keen student of HTML – if you care to scroll down!). The images of me holding her whilst I’m in front of my laptop really encapsulate the juggling act that I’m trying to manage as a new working mum.

Rahul was such a joy to work with. A really cool guy and a creative master as well as a technician. What a top man – we really gelled, although I bet he could make anyone feel at ease! I particularly loved his informal manner and enterprising style.

If you’re contemplating your wedding photographer, I would highly recommend him. In fact I enjoyed working with him so much, that I shall shortly be adding him as a Smashing Supplier.

Do you work from home? What are your tips for effectively managing the blur between a work / home life?
Karen Cinnamon working from home 5 Karen Cinnamon working from home 8
Karen Cinnamon working from home 8
Karen Cinnamon working from home 8
Karen Cinnamon working from home Karen Cinnamon working from home 8

All imagery: Rahul Khona


  1. says

    I love these pictures and could not agree more with what you have written. I have a 19month old who sits alongside me on the iPad as I try to squeeze an hour in here and there. Juggling the two worlds is filled with joy and guilt. Joy that you see your little grow up and guilt that their image of you is one always on a computer or on your phone! Saying all that I would not swap it for the world!

    • Karen says

      Emma, you’re my kindred spirit – that’s exactly how I feel… I think we’re mostly very lucky but the juggling act would leave even the most talented circus clown cross-eyed!

  2. says

    I am so jealous of your workspace. Mine is a pigsty compared to that and you’ve just given me motivation to get it sorted!!! Thanks

    • Karen says

      Why thank you! And I’ve just checked out your portfolio and your work is SPECTACULAR! Have you shot any creative or unusual Jewish weddings Martin? If so send me the details as I’d love to feature your work on the blog.

  3. says

    How did I not notice this cork stool before! lol! I also love it. Lovely seeing an insight into your world on your fantastic blog and lovely seeing little S rocking her HTML book. loL! :o) xxx

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