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Smashing Wedding Consultancy is an entirely fresh concept and combines expertise drawn from both my time at Smashing the Glass, and more than a decade in award-winning creative design & branding. It’s designed to help you bring to life the wedding of your dreams.

Maybe those dreams are already perfectly defined and you’d love some guidance on making them reality. Or perhaps you’re not sure what you want yet, and need a helping hand with ideas; the look, the feel, the all-important location. Possibly, you’re just feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything there is to do (I remember the feeling well when I was planning my own wedding back in 2013).

Wherever you are on your journey, I’ll give you all the advice, inspiration and direction you need via an exclusive one-on-one session – so you’re free to create something that’s totally, utterly, wonderfully you.

How can I help?

This is an entirely new genre of service. Just like nobody else in the world currently curates a blog that focuses solely on creative, stylish Jewish weddings – my Wedding Consultancy is one of a kind.

My role is to give couples a perfect springboard; to get the ideas flowing and kick-start the planning process, from which you can define your wedding with your own personal stamp. Offering both practical guidance and inspirational ideas, I’ll sit down with you as an individual, a couple – and even with your parents if you like – to build and shape the creative DNA of your special day.

So how is it different?

This isn’t a wedding planning service; it’s not about day-to-day ‘wedmin’ (don’t you just love that word?). Rather, during a two-hour one-on-one session, we’ll create a detailed picture of how your celebration will feel, look … even smell!

Plus of course, you’ll have access to the entire Smashing The Glass family; the very best-in-class suppliers and vendors that I’ve hand-picked over the years, and with whom I enjoy wonderful working relationships. I’ll be able to put you in touch with the right wedding planner, photographer, dress designer, caterer, musicians, venue and more… so you can move forward with excitement and total confidence.

Why come to me?

Over the years, I’ve received many and varied calls for help, advice and most importantly inspiration. Coming to a professional from “the get go” saves so much time in the long run – while allowing you to make informed (and inspired!) decisions equipped with all the right knowledge.

Whether your budget’s big or small, whatever stage you’re at, and whatever kind of wedding you’re dreaming of – I’ll help you feel assured and liberated to do what you really want.

For example, you might like to get in touch if you:

  • Have no budget set aside for a wedding planner, but want some guidance
  • Have ideas of your own, and want to know how to put them into practice
  • Are just starting to plan your big day
  • Have got to a point where you feel you need some direction or creative input
  • Are feeling a bit overwhelmed and need some expert, practical help.

> Discover more about me, my wedding industry and design accolades – and why I’m so well-equipped to help you.

Your one-on-one session

Over a two-hour consultation, we’ll discuss the areas you want or need addressing – whether it be venue ideas, unearthing your theme, supplier recommendations or anything else that’s important to you. However you’d like to use your time, I’ll offer my expert advice and guidance to set you on the right path, saving you precious time, and of course, stress.

I’ll ask the right questions to reveal your true priorities, and your absolute deal-breakers. It’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of images (thank you Pinterest!) and influences you’re confronted with when planning a wedding – this can be especially frustrating and stressful when you have a defined budget to work to.

With so much information around, it’s easy to lose sight of original thoughts and the essence of what you want. I’m here to help you focus in on those, and give you confidence in your decisions. For me, it’s about empowering you to have the wedding you want, exactly the way that you want it.

For £350 I offer:

  • A two-hour one-on-one session with me, either at your home if it’s within the London area, at my central London office, or via Skype for other UK and global clients
  • A bespoke summary document of all the expert advice and guidance gleaned from the session
  • A personally curated Pinterest board, tailored to your vision and our ideas.

Kind words

Dear Karen,

I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful document and Pinterest Board! I have checked out all the suggested wedding venues online and just love every one of them. We have already set up some meetings to go and see them! I also love the ‘Jew-ish’ ideas and I’m very excited to start working on these in more detail as soon as we get the venue pinned down. I’m also working on making dress appointments for while my mom is here –thank you so much for your suggestions, it is a huge help!

Instead of being overwhelmed as I was before, I am now so excited and looking forward to every step.

We so appreciate you getting us started with venues, Rabbi, dresses… you name it! We will be in touch again soon once we get the next few steps sorted.

Love, Caroline”

Caroline Porter, London – October 2016

To get you started, I’d like to share my Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for the perfect Jewish wedding with you.


To find out more and arrange your one-on-one consultation, please contact me by email or simply fill out the details on the form below. Due to the exclusivity of this service, places are limited so there may be a waiting list.


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