Join the VIB Club and become a Very Important Bride 

Want to save time, save money (hello 10% vendor discount!), be matched with your perfect wedding vendors, receive the coolest Smash Glass Pouch EVER, and be advised and inspired directly by me and a community of fellow brides?

Perfect, you're in the right place!

I’m Karen Cinnamon, Founder and Editor of Smashing The Glass, the world’s biggest Jewish (and Jew-ish!) wedding blog, and I’m so excited to invite you to join the VIB Club, our private members club for brides – wherever you are in the world.

Let me tell you all about it ...

  • Are you engaged and planning your Jewish or Jew-ish wedding?
  • Need help finding (one – or several) perfect wedding vendors bespoke to your wedding?
  • Do you want to say good bye to stressful wedding planning and feel supported and excited right up to your wedding day?
  • Need inspiration for traditional meets cool? Don’t have time to visit a gazillion sites?
  • Are you ready to be all over the current trends and have a host of wedding experts at your beck and call?
  • AND have the most awesome crew of like-minded women in your corner?

Perfect, you’re in the right place.  

Why don’t we plan the biggest day of your life TOGETHER?  

Get ready to smash your wedding planning with me, my team, the industry’s biggest names AND a private club of Jewish brides-to-be all around the world.  

We’re talking FULL SUPPORT here ladies.  

Join for $97 🇺🇸 $83 (one-time fee) (if you pay in GBP it's £70 🇬🇧 £59 (one-time fee) // DISCOUNTED LAUNCH PRICE EXPIRES SOON! //

As a VIB (Very Important Bride) you’ll unlock exclusive members-only access to:

  • Limited edition Smash Glass Pouch for under the chuppah
  • 10% discount, or a very special gift, from 100’s of vendors (based across the globe) handpicked from my trusted wedding vendor network (we're talking Browns Bride, Banana Split, Jose Villa, Duke Images, Jessica Claire, Details Details, Linda Howard, Blake Ezra, Delicate Details, David Pullum, Bruce Russell, John Nassari and many, many more)
  • Direct access to me and my expert network for bespoke advice for your wedding
  • Fortnightly 'Ask The Rabbi’ sessions 
  • Vendor matching to ensure you find the perfect wedding vendors
  • Live online bridal masterclasses from the world’s top wedding experts inside the Club
  • Wedding Hashtag Masterminds
  • Private VIB Facebook Community full of smart, stylish and ambitious brides currently planning their weddings

What is the VIB Club?

Don’t worry Smashing The Glass isn’t going anywhere, just think of VIB Club as STG Luxe. It drills down and gives you all the Jewish wedding advice you never even knew you needed plus that all-important personal attention.  

For a one-time-fee of $97 $83 ( or £70 £59 if you prefer to pay in GBP), members will have access to a private VIB Facebook group (so elite that we’re capping it to a very limited number of new joiners a month).

As well as the support of other fabulous Jewish brides- to-be, you’ll have access to a 10% discount and / or a VIB-exclusive gift from some of the world’s most wanted wedding vendors (eg. Browns Bride, Banana Split, Jose Villa, Duke Images, Jessica Claire, Details Details, Linda Howard, Blake Ezra, Delicate Details, David Pullum, Bruce Russell, John Nassari and many, many more – see the full list of incredible VIB wedding vendors at the foot of the page). 

You'll also benefit from the most inspired Jewish wedding ideas and advice from not only me but my network of trusted wedding experts around the world.

These are vendors and experts I know well and personally recommend. The best in the business – who are just as emotionally invested in your wedding day as you are. 

Plus, you’ll receive the coolest Smash Glass Pouch EVER! Perfect for creating that all-important Instagrammable chuppah scene. 

Say goodbye to the days of your glass wrapped in foil, a napkin, or an old-fashioned velvet pouch… (and you can’t buy these Smash Glass Pouches anywhere for love nor money – they’re totally exclusive to VIB Club members)  

Join our exclusive VIB Club and have fun, save time, save money, and enjoy more bespoke and curated Jewish wedding advice than you’ll find anywhere else on the planet.

$97 / £70 ONE-TIME FEE

🇺🇸 $83/🇬🇧 £59 ONE-TIME FEE


From Rabbis to hashtags - we’re all over it...

We know our STG brides want to kill it on their wedding day. It has to be slick, branded and aspirational but traditional values are important too. We get it.  

So, expect lots of exclusive Facebook Lives and online bridal masterclasses just for members. 

Smash out any issues with our Brides Hot Seat, ask those tricky “who goes where?” questions in our fortnightly Ask the Rabbi slot.  

And tap into our wedding hashtag masterminds – “my surname is Hoffman and my fiancé is Ross, any ideas for a cool wedding hashtag?” Put it to the VIB group!  

With 10% discounts, vendor matching, advice from leading experts, an exclusive Smash Glass Pouch, and a private club of brides - collaboratively, we WILL create your perfect day. 

Join for $97 🇺🇸 $83 (one-time fee) (if you pay in GBP it's £70 🇬🇧 £59 (one-time fee) // DISCOUNTED LAUNCH PRICE EXPIRES SOON! //

Direct Access to Me

I can’t wait to personally share my years if wedding knowledge and hook you up with the best vendors / advisors in the industry.

You’ll have exclusive access to me, my team and my network of the world’s best wedding vendors.

Yes, YOU are a VERY IMPORTANT BRIDE so let’s make this relationship official!


With VIB membership, you’ll be part of an EXCLUSIVE world-wide crew of smart, stylish and ambitious women, just like you.  

VIB Club is made for women who are killing it in all other parts of their lives. You can talk freely and exchange ideas inside our private Facebook group, creating an awesome global support network and ideas factory. VIB Club is all about the positivity and creativity.

Join for $97 🇺🇸 $83 (one-time fee) (if you pay in GBP it's £70 🇬🇧 £59 (one-time fee) // DISCOUNTED LAUNCH PRICE EXPIRES SOON! //

What will I get with my VIB membership?


Save 10% (or receive an exclusive VIB gift) from 100’s of VIB Vendors (listed at the foot of this page). 

These are vendors I know well and personally recommend. The best in the business – who are just as emotionally invested in your wedding day as you are. 


Once a twinkle in STG’s eye, these Smash Glass Pouches have become an all-out obsession. They are undeniably, seriously COOL and utterly instagrammable. 

At my wedding when the rabbi produced the glass for us to smash, it was in a white plastic bag! How had I never even considered this part? 

VIB Club will save you from the crinkly bag scene. And the ONLY way you’ll be able to get one is by being a member of The VIB Club. They won’t be for sale - you can’t buy them for love nor money – the only way you can get your hands on one is by becoming a member of the VIB Club. 


Regular online Bridal Masterclasses – live streamed to the Facebook Group – from the best wedding experts in the business, on the topics you need to know about - plus all your questions answered in real time...

How do I DIY my own Ketubah? What’s the ideal timeline for a Jewish wedding day? How do I get an all-out Preston Bailey floral display on a budget? I’m short and curvy, what’s the best shape dress for me? How can I get out of inviting his ENTIRE family? 

Ask our host of experts anything you want. 


Because we know traditional touches matter too, clear up any of those details you’re not sure about. Useful for Jewish and Jew-ish couples alike, our resident Rabbis will advise on everything from Jew-ish ceremonies to Orthodox celebrations.

Rabbi Paul Glantz (UK based) and Rabbi Andrea Frank (USA based) are open to ALL questions. You’ll never be judged in the VIB Club. 


We make it a team effort to ensure you end up with a memorable fun hashtag! Our creative team and the collective group force will suggest your ideal wedding hashtag.


The private Facebook group will feature the monthly Bride’s Hot Seat where together we’ll smash out all your wedding day concerns, and you can chat live to our chosen brides, et moi! 

I’ll personally answer any questions in this bridal surgery - anything at all you need help with - and we want to hear from you all too. Group participation is key.


Your own private club that will make wedding planning fun. Feel the support of gal pals around the world, all in the same boat. 

Whatever stage of wedding planning you’re at, you’ll benefit from being a VIB. Together we’ll make sure you knock it out of the park.

To keep it very exclusive, we’re only allowing a limited number of new members each month. Make sure you’re top of the list!

$97 / £70 ONE-TIME FEE

🇺🇸 $83/🇬🇧 £59 ONE-TIME FEE


Vendor Matching ... for an additional 🇬🇧 £55 / 🇺🇸 $80

If you still want more, why not become a VVIB? Yes a Very, Very Important Bride and that extra V gets you an amazing Vendor matching service. Hand picked by STG. 

Need a make-up artist for your destination wedding in a far flung part of the world? A rabbi that will marry you and your non-Jewish fiancé(e) under a chuppah? A wedding planner for your dream YOLO wedding? 

Whatever you’re after and whatever you can’t find, we’ve got you covered with our world-wide vendor-matching add-on service*.  

For an additional $80 or £55 (so that's a total of 🇺🇸 $177 or 🇬🇧£125 ) we’ll source THE perfect vendors for your unique Jewish (or Jew-ish) wedding. 

Choose up to 5 categories of vendors that you’d like us to investigate for YOU - it could be bridal designers, chazans, caterers, photographers, rabbis - and we’ll give you tailored matches for each. Bespoke to your needs and location. Not bad huh? 

As well as all the advice and support VIB Club offers, we’d love to help you find the very best vendors for your wedding. So if you want this full luxe service, make sure you include the vendor-matching add-on when you purchase your membership. 

*Venue search is not included

VVIB - VIB + Vendor Matching Service

VIB Club Membership as an engagement gift...coming soon!

Let’s face it, this is a pretty darn good engagement present. You’re gifting a beloved Jewish bride-to-be support, excitement and blissful control over her wedding day - not sure you can get better than that!


Caroline Lloyd, just married - see her wedding on Smashing the Glass here:  

“I can’t imagine what our wedding would have looked like had we not worked with Karen. Simply put, working directly with Karen made our wedding happen the way we wanted it to.  

She was so non-judgmental and just made us feel relaxed. She turned our feeling of overwhelm into excitement, and provided a solution for every problem plus so many creative ideas we had never even thought of before.  

Her positivity and outside-the-box thinking got us on the right track and helped us move forward from engagement to planning a wedding.  

With Karen’s guidance, I knew that the wedding would turn out amazing, even before anything had been done. Working with Karen felt like I was working with a friend - someone truly invested in helping you and having your best interest at heart. Most of all, it was a fun and collaborative experience”.  

Clare Robinson, bride-to-be:  

“Before I spoke with Karen, I was at a bit of a loss with my wedding planning. I wasn’t sure where to begin or where to go for certain aspects of the wedding (designing our ceremony, for example or where to go for invitations and my dress). When there's so many options and you've never done it before it can feel very overwhelming!  

Karen had so many suggestions, and with a wealth of experience was really able to pinpoint me to vendors that could work for me plus she had plenty of ideas.

Smashing The Glass is amazing and my biggest source for inspiration and ideas but this is nothing compared to talking individually with Karen about your day”. 


Can grooms / parents of the couple / bridesmaids join too?  

Definitely! The VIB Club is tailored to anyone planning, or helping to plan, a Jewish or Jew-ish wedding. Don’t be put off by the term ‘bride’ - everyone is welcome, whether you’re a groom from a same-sex wedding, a helpful maid of honor or a parent of the bride or groom.  

Is the VIB Club still for me if I am using a wedding planner?  

Of course! There are so many benefits to becoming a VIB, such as our amazing online bridal masterclasses exclusively for VIB’s, advice and support from Karen and the STG team, emotional support from our community of brides, plus access to wedding experts, from photographers and florists to hashtag creators and chazans. 

And of course you’ll be gifted our one-of-a-kind members only Smash Glass Pouch that are not for sale anywhere – the only way to get one is by joining the VIB Club!  

Can I gift a VIB Club membership to a loved one?  

Absolutely! A VIB Club membership is the perfect engagement gift.  

Will I get advice tailored to my own personal wedding planning needs?  

Yes, absolutely. You’ll have the chance to ask Karen and her team anything to do with weddings, personal or practical, in the Bride’s Hot Seat once a month. Karen and the STG team will also be active in the discussions inside the private VIB Facebook Group, as will our community.  

Plus our top Jewish wedding vendors will take questions when they appear on our exclusive Facebook Live feeds, so you’ll be able to chat through anything relevant to their area of expertise.  

Does Karen give personal help and attention to me and my wedding inside the VIB Club?  

Yes! In addition to our Bride’s Hot Seat, Karen is an active and enthusiastic member of the group, and will be on hand to oversee discussions and chime in where advice or recommendations are needed.  

If you need more intensive help with your wedding plans, Karen offers one-on-one wedding consultancy.  

Do I need to be Jewish to sign up?  

The VIB Club is run by Smashing The Glass, the world’s biggest Jewish wedding blog. We welcome non-Jewish or Jew-ish reader with open arms, but it’s worth bearing in mind that recommended vendors and advice will be provided with a Jewish wedding in mind.  

Having said that, there’s lots to get out of it either way, so if you don’t have a Jewish connection, you can still enjoy the many other benefits of the VIB Club.  

How soon will I receive my Smash Glass Pouch?  

Your Smash Glass Pouch will arrive within 14 working days of signing up to the VIB Club.  

Will anyone outside of the VIB Facebook group be able to see what I post?  

No. The group is absolutely private. Whatever happens in the VIB group stays in the VIB group.  

Can I see the list of discounts and gifts on offer before I sign up?  

Feel free to browse the list of vendors (at the foot of this page) offering discounts and gifts exclusively for VIBs.  

Once you join the VIB Club, you will become a member of our private Facebook group, which contains a document outlining the specific discounts and gifts on offer from each VIB Vendor.  

If you wish to enquire about a particular vendor’s gift or discount prior to signing up, please email  

My wedding date is very soon. Is it still worth signing up?  

The more time you have in the VIB group the better, because there’s so much to enjoy! There are still benefits to signing up with a short amount of time to go, such as receiving your exclusive, limited edition Smash Glass Pouch, and the hot seat experience with Karen. 

If your wedding date is imminent, we’ll do our best to prioritise you in the hot seat. We recommend signing up a minimum of eight weeks before your wedding date to get the most out of VIB Club.  

Can I buy just the Smash Glass Pouch?  

No, our Smash Glass Pouches are not for sale. The only way to get one is by becoming a member of the VIB Club.  

Can I buy just the VVIB Vendor-matching service?  

No, this is an add-on. You need to puchase VIB membership (and receive all the fabulous benefits!) in order to purchase the VVIB vendor matching service.  

I'm a wedding vendor - can I join the VIB club?  

The group is just for engaged couples, their friends and family, but if you work in the wedding industry, please email to enquire about becoming a Smashing the Glass Recommended Vendor or VIB Vendor in order to offer your advice and expertise to the group.  

Have any further questions ? Email

Join for $97 🇺🇸 $83 (one-time fee) (if you pay in GBP it's £70 🇬🇧 £59 (one-time fee) // DISCOUNTED LAUNCH PRICE EXPIRES SOON! //

All these vendors are offering a VIB exclusive discount and/or a special VIB gift