Looking for incredibly stylish, beautiful wedding stationery?

Artcadia_Wedding_Stationery_Capital1Looking for the right stationery to personify your big day can often feel overwhelming. There are so many styles, packages,and prices around that it can sometimes feel like you’re lost in a sea of paper stocks, pound signs and confusion. But, if at the top of that very long list of yours you’ve written something along the lines of ‘gorgeous, super-deluxe, hand-printed stationery’, then I may have just found the perfect invitations for you.

Vici-Jane Kohring and her husband Richard, a master of letterpress printing, have created a wonderful stationery and design studio in Shrewsbury, UK called Artcadia. Though UK-based, they work remotely with customers all over the world and design and print wedding stationery in many languages (including Hebrew), lovingly creating invitations for all kind of cultures and tastes.
Artcadia_Wedding_Stationery Artcadia_Wedding_Stationery_Zetter1
As soon as I cast my eyes on (and felt to the touch) their beautiful wedding stationery collections I knew I had to share what I’d experienced with you. Being a graphic designer, I’ve always been a sucker for plush paper stock – it just gives off that immediate sense of super luxe and good taste, and who doesn’t want those particulars associated with their wedding?

Artcadia‘s letterpress creations are incredibly opulent (they use luxuriously thick 100% cotton paper stocks) and lovely tactile invitations that you can actually hold in your hand are infinitely more memorable than staring at an e-invite on your computer screen.
Artcadia_Wedding_Stationery_September Range Artcadia_Wedding_Stationery_Bumble
If you have a look at their range of wedding collections you’ll see that there’s something to suit everyone. I particularly love their classic letterpress range – it’s very adaptable as you can select a font, motif, ink and envelope colour from a wide choice of options. For those of you looking for something a bit more bespoke they offer a fully custom design service too.

So Artcadia‘s stationery is super-gorgeous but how are their prices? Well the great news is they’re also extremely reasonable (yay!). Letterpress invitations with envelopes start from £3.85, and letterpress invitations with RSVPs, particulars cards, and envelopes from £8.20. Click here for the full letterpress printing price list, and here for the digital printing price list.
Artcadia_Wedding_Stationery_Luxe Save the Date Card Magnets
Artcadia have also recently launched something new: luxe save the date magnets. They come presented on a beautifully luxurious letterpress card, complete with 135gsm coordinating envelope and there are three great designs to choose from, including an option for a photograph. Pricing starts from £3.75 per set and they can also create a unique custom design for £25.

Now it’s all well and good having lovely products, but the other element that I love about Artcadia (and in my opinion, this one’s totally vital) is their commitment to great customer service and their genuine care for clients. From initial enquiry to finishing and packing, their service is intrinsically personal and hands on. Not one aspect of their process is automated which means they always deliver what you want, tailored to your wedding day style, and it practically guarantees you a stress-free experience.

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Andrew & Elliott | Über-Stylish Soirée Wedding at One Marylebone, London

Today you lucky readers get not one but two lovely grooms who together organised an incredibly entertaining (think confetti canons, swing band, full-on Shirley Bassey wedding entrance) and glamorous black tie wedding in the heart of London’s West End. Their story is full of phenomenal detail, useful tips, fabulous eye-candy and impeccable style.

Andrew, originally from Australia, is an Operations Director for a boutique London creative agency,  and Elliott is a Client Relationship Manager for a global investment manager. They met in Melbourne, whilst Elliott was traveling for work, and the rest, as they say, is history.

With their wedding being very much a joint planning effort (and boy was there a lot of planning), the account of their double groom w-day is recounted in both their words:
Andrew + Elliott: As well as being a celebration of our Civil Partnership we always wanted our day to be a celebration for our friends and an excuse to throw the best party that we could imagine.  For a venue, we imagined a lavish stately home [with Andrew being from Australia, he had always had the grand notion to have a lavish party in a stately home or palace (somewhere older than the 225 years of his colonised country)], but in keeping with the idea of it being a party for friends we were also adamant that we wanted a Central London location so that guests didn’t need to plan accommodation or travel.  Free from needing to marry in a “place of worship” we also wanted the ceremony and reception in the same venue so that there was one less travel logistic for our guests and us.

The problem we faced with a lot of the Central London properties available was that they were either sterile, were just another banqueting room in a grand hotel or were private member clubs with dominating décor that would stop any chance of us adding our own personal touches.  We started with a list of over 30 properties that could accommodate 100 guests. We researched via the web and various venue guides and then shortlisted around half a dozen that seemed to meet most of our requirements.
Off we trotted to spec out the various venues on the shortlist after work or on weekends. Several we wrote-off without even entering the building, others were excluded because of silly charges and inflexible terms and conditions.  One, in particular, we rather liked but we didn’t gel with the event planner – her creativity extended only as far as suggesting neon pink lighting because this was a gay event!  We were becoming slightly worried that our expectations were too high.  We started to reconsider the stately home alternative.  We unconsidered it again and armed with a bottle of wine we sat down and spent another evening reconsidering venues that we had previously ruled out (thinking we should at least go and inspect them as we were only reliant on photos from the web). A late addition was One Marylebone, which a good friend of ours had recommended.
We went to see One Marylebone one wintery evening after a stressful day at work, and apart from being wowed by the beauty of the building we immediately hit it off with Alicia, their fabulous event planner.  We’d barely taken our coats off and already her suggestions were filling us with inspiration.  We knew there and then that One Marylebone was the right venue – as an event space it was new enough that we would be original, as a venue it is awe inspiring and needs little additional decoration and, above all, we knew Alicia would make our day into what we wanted it to be!

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Wedding Tea Towel Invitations

How about doing something really quirky for your stationery (not to mention totally memorable and eco-friendly) and having these very cool Wedding Tea Towels as your invitations? Your guests will be hard pressed to forget your wedding date with these!

There are options for Save the Date’s, information cards, door hangers, and the invitation itself (including variations for day and evening invitees as well as thank you’s). I know I for one would love to receive something so unusual and memorable from a couple.

Get them from the lovely Karen over on www.weddingteatowels.co.uk
Wedding Tea Towels as Invitations
Wedding Tea Towel Invitations

Karen & Jeremy | London Jewish Wedding at the Wallace Collection Art Gallery, London, UK

Wallace Collection Wedding
As the founder of Smashing The Glass it’s only right that I share my own wedding day, and all the creative ideas that were behind it, with you.

I love so many of the centuries-old Jewish traditions such as the hora, the beautiful songs, the chuppah, the smashing of the glass etc. but what my now-husband and I very much didn’t want was a party that followed the typical London Jewish-wedding-by-numbers formula… ie. fancy hotel, too many guests, the same kosher caterer that everyone uses, the same band etc…..

Wallace Collection Wedding London Wallace Collection Wedding London

I had always dreamt of an outdoor summer wedding and that’s one of the reasons why I love Israeli weddings – the chuppah under the stars, the all-night party vibe, the abundance of food and having the ceremony and party all in one venue. But when it came to organising our wedding it meant the world to us to have Jeremy’s 97 year old grandmother there and as she is unable to travel, a wedding abroad with guaranteed summer weather was out of the question.

London, our home city, was our next choice and the criteria for a venue was to have a feel of being in the outdoors without worrying about the unpredictable British weather spoiling the party, and a stylish, intimate venue, preferably with an arty slant to reflect our creative sides. Wallace Collection Wedding London
The Wallace Collection, once a family home, and now a stunning art collection, in the heart of the West End was our perfect choice. The stunning Courtyard flooded with natural light and dotted with trees and sculptures felt utterly al fresco, yet protected us from the elements with a phenomenal glass roof. Breathtaking and intimate at the same time, it ticked all the right boxes.

We wanted to have both the chuppah ceremony and the dinner dancing in the Courtyard to really feel as if the majority of the wedding was outdoors. We also loved the idea of the changing daylight from the hopefully sunny (and it was!) afternoon to the starry night sky. In between the ceremony and dinner our guests were able to look around all the artwork on the first floor of the house where all the galleries were open to our guests to meander round as they chatted, imbibed and grazed on Zafferano‘s (our chosen caterers) delicious canapés.

In terms of getting ready and spending our first night as a married couple, we stayed at the gorgeous Home House in Portman Square just a few minutes walk from the Wallace Collection.

Wallace_Collection_wedding1 Wallace Collection Wedding London Wallace Collection Wedding London 0188

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How to personalise your wedding: Create a logo and brand your Big Day

One of the most stylish, cost-effective and easiest ways of personalising your Big Day is to create a logo of you and your fiancé’s initials or names and use it on your invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards, menus and any other printed materials.

But why stop there? How about also printing bespoke stickers or having a custom stamp made and personalising even more elements of your day? It’s amazing how simple this is to do and how much fun you can have branding different details of your day.

For my wedding to Jeremy, I used our initials  J and K, to create a very clean symbol that represented our union. As is often the case with logos, the simpler the better – the litmus test is said to be can you draw your logo with a stick in the sand? (Try that out on your honeymoon!).

Here you can see our wedding logo’s first outing on our ‘Save The Date’ that I designed.
Next on my design list, was creating the invitations and with these I combined the simplicity of the logo with a pop-art influenced collage of imagery that represented the two of us, our childhoods, and important landmarks and locations in our relationship. We wanted to make our invitations fun and also wanted to share elements of our personalities and relationship with our guests. The printing and production techniques were as important to me as the design so we chose to print them on a beautiful thick 640gsm stock called Omnia that has the texture of watercolour paper. I felt like our guests would almost be receiving a small pop art screen print when they received our invitation!

wedding invitation by Karen Cinnamon

The text and logo on the reverse of the invitation also had a quality feel as they were printed with raised thermography, and the font itself was traditional and pretty. No swirly wedding text for us! Our printers, Ashwyk, were fabulous to deal with, gave a really attentive service, and produced outstanding results that we were over the moon with.

image: Ashwyk

The finishing touch was custom made square envelopes from Mount Street Printers with our logo on round stickers from Moo on the reverse. For our address labels we used these fantastic clear labels and printed them at home with the same font we used on the invitation. The result was that the addresses looked as though they were professionally printed direct on the envelopes but it was actually all done on a home printer with these amazing clear labels. I really recommend them!

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