A Jew-ish fairy princess garden wedding with an Allure gown at Old Red Museum, Dallas, Texas, USA

We love a bit of magic and whimsy on STG, and what could be more whimsical and delightful than a fairy princess garden theme?

Evan and Jeremy met at college where they became friends, and were later reunited when a work opportunity brought them back together.

Evan was adorned with precious family heirlooms, including her mother’s veil and jewellery from both grandmothers and her great-great grandmother, and shoe lovers who lack self control should shield their eyes now (don’t say we didn’t warn you) because you’re definitely going to want to splash out on a pair of the bride’s stunning, crystal-embellished Badgley Mischka heels. Can we say ‘bling’?

The couple had a Jew-ish wedding – an interfaith ceremony that integrated both Christian and Jewish traditions, honouring both the bride and groom’s respective backgrounds.

This gorgeous fairy princess garden themed wedding took place at idyllic venue, Old Red Museum in Texas, USA and all the details were expertly captured by AR Photography.

Let’s hand over to Evan to fill you in on every last detail!

Interfaith Jewish Wedding at the Old Red Museum Dallas Texas_0001 Interfaith Jewish Wedding at the Old Red Museum Dallas Texas_0003 Interfaith Jewish Wedding at the Old Red Museum Dallas Texas_0005
How we met

Evan, the bride: Jeremy and I met at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX when he was a junior and I was a freshman. We became instant friends, and had a great (completely platonic) friendship for the rest of my college career. When spring rolled around my senior year, Jeremy reached out to me in regards to a job opportunity at his company.

He was living in Houston, Texas and I was targeting Austin, Texas. I got the job in his company’s Austin office. Shortly after, we began talking consistently. He then asked me to meet up with his friends and go camping one weekend. After that, the rest is history. Four months later he got a job offer in Seattle, and that is where we decided to start our lives together. A year and a half on from our move, he proposed.

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Melisa & Mickey | A chic Tel Aviv wedding with an incredibly moving ceremony

It’s freezing cold today in London and I think we could all do with a little injection of sunshine and romance! Well we have just the real wedding to put a smile on everyone’s faces. Beautifully captured by photographer Alon Gruber of Studio AGS, Melisa and Mickey’s effortlessly chic, urban Tel Aviv W Day. is guaranteed to light up your Wednesday!

First of all, we’re blown away by the totally unique tale of how they met– on a niche Chinese messaging app of all things. Their engagement followed after just one year and the wedding was planned in two and a half months, Melisa and Mickey are a living example of the phrase ‘when you know, you know’.

While we absolutely adore getting carried away with the fun of planning a wedding, it is really telling that bride Melisa spoke with the most passion and in the most detail about her feelings during ceremony. The dress, the décor and all of those little details paled into insignificance in comparison to the intense emotion felt by the couple.

These two brought their happy outlook to the décor scheme, infusing the day and details, like the flowers and invitations, with accents of bright yellow, their favourite colour. And if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, Mickey, the groom, walked down the aisle to Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. We really do love these two…

jewish-wedding-tel-aviv-israel_0049 jewish-wedding-tel-aviv-israel_0010 jewish-wedding-tel-aviv-israel_0028 jewish-wedding-tel-aviv-israel_0017

How we met

Melisa, the bride: We met against all odds on a Chinese messaging app called WeChat we both used to communicate with colleagues and clients (even stranger when you think about where we come from – Mickey’s family is originally from the States, and I come from Argentina).

We fell in love right away, got engaged after a little over a year, and planned our wedding in two and a half months!

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A Nicole Miller Bride for a retreat-style rustic Jewish wedding at The Holly Farm in Carmel, California, USA

As soon as I opened Erica and Olivier’s Jewish wedding submission with their gorgeous branded elements I thought this is going to be EPIC and full of fabulous details and styling and I most certainly was not disappointed.

I love the rustic elements and ‘Happily Ever Adler’ slogan. The little match boxes in particular are super cute! And then there’s the array of personal touches, the gorgeous colour palette of mustard and grey, the festoon lighting, a Manhattan Bar, and THAT chuppah (wait till you see it.. so different).

I also love that they chose four of their closest single male friends to stand by each of the four chuppah poles. Erica explains that she believes it’s considered good luck to find a life partner, for the single men to be at the chuppah with the bride and groom.. I’m eagerly awaiting to blog those four weddings, Erica!

Thank you to Marissa Joy Photography for the perfectly captured images, and to her Erica for her wonder ful wedding report below.

How we met

Erica, the bride: Olivier and I both attended the University of Pennsylvania 2 years apart but didn’t meet one another until we moved to San Francisco (independently) in 2010 and were casually introduced by a mutual college friend in 2011! Serendipity.
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A Vera Wang bride for a spectacular rustic-glam Jew-ish destination wedding at a private villa in Phuket, Thailand

From the introductory image above, it’s fair to say that Melissa and Ishay’s Jew-ish wedding is going to be seriously swoon-inducing… and it doesn’t stop with that extraordinary ceremony setting either. Their entire W Day is dazzling from start to finish with a beautiful back story of love crossing continents and eclipsing expectations.

Thai-American Melissa, and Israeli-born Ishay met in an Irish pub in Uganda (yes, really!) and everyone told them they were crazy to think their relationship could last.

As Melissa says, “After our time in Africa, and a year and a half of Skype video chats and international flights around the world, to and from Uganda, Israel, Thailand, and San Francisco, we embarked on a new adventure together – The East Coast. Then one evening when I was on call, Ishay decided to surprise me in my new apartment in New York City with over 400 candles. Who knew Ishay could be so romantic? Of course, I said yes.”

Oh I do love a good international love story (did you know that both my parents’ and my brother’s marriage are the culminations of long-distance relationships?) and the incredible story behind their relationship is told in their own words in one of the most moving wedding films I’ve ever watched – tears in my eyes. You absolutely have to see it – it’s just below.

Super stunning Melissa married the love of her life in a breathtaking Vera Wang gown, and if there is one word to describe this gorgeous couple’s big day then it’s WOW. From the show-stopping fireworks to those beautifully decorated long tables at dinner, to the exquisite displays of flowers and that chuppah on the infinity pool set against the backdrop of the Indian ocean, it all looks spectacular.

But that carefree shot at the end of both of them jumping into the swimming pool in their half-dressed wedding attire? That’s my favourite.

Enjoy this Tuesday treat of a wedding with words by the bride, images by Julian Abram Wainwright and the must-watch film below by David Pritchard from Imageforge Asia

Destination wedding Thailand
how we met

Melissa, the Bride: It started in an Irish pub in the middle of Uganda. I know, right? Ishay moved from Israel to Uganda to pursue a new life adventure. I took a year off from medical school to engage in medical research in Uganda. True to ex-pat living in East Africa, all good things came out of the regular go-to hang out place, the “local” Irish pub known as “Bubbles.”

It would be nice to say that it was love at first sight for both of us. If you asked Ishay, he would probably say that Melissa just never met anyone like him before. If you asked me, I would probably say that I initially was just not that impressed. Luckily, Ishay is persistent or, at the very least, stubborn. On the second meeting I became intrigued. By our first date, we were both hooked. We just couldn’t get enough of each other. Six months after spending time together in East Africa, what appeared to be the most unexpected love story was expected, by everyone, to end.

I moved back to San Francisco to finish medical school. Ishay stayed in Uganda to continue working. In less than a year, Ishay moved back to Israel to finish college. After a year and a half of Skype video chats and international flights around the world, to and from Uganda, Israel, Thailand, and San Francisco, we embarked on a new adventure together – The East Coast.  And then on one fall evening when I was on call (shocking for some but, dermatology residents do take call), Ishay decided to surprise me in my new apartment in New York City with over 400 candles. Who knew Ishay could be so romantic? Of course, I said yes.  Over the next two years, we had a civil ceremony in New York City at City Hall, had a traditional Buddhist ceremony in Bangkok, and finally, we had our wedding in Phuket. 
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Jazmine & Edan | Gorgeous vintage-chic Jewish wedding at Morgan Mansion, CA

Morgan Hill Mansion Wedding 76 Yellow makes me feel good. It reminds me of sunshine and springtime and joy, which is exactly what Jazmine and Edan’s gorgeous W-day encompasses.

Set in the beautiful Morgan Mansion in sunny California, with an abundance of delicious blooms this affair is going to bring a smile to your face this Wednesday morning.

All of the gorgeous images are courtesy of the fabulous Jay Winter.
Yellow Wedding Yellow Wedding
Jazmine, the Bride: Edan and I met in January 2010 at Bally Total Fitness in Pleasant Hill. He had been working there as a trainer ever since he had graduated, and I started working out with a trainer just a couple of months later. To say that we were struck by one another would certainly be an understatement!

Our wedding was nestled up on the hillside in the city of Morgan Hill, California at a beautiful, newly renovated mansion, overlooked the rolling hills and vineyard below, with beautiful grounds and an elegant, classy yet vintage style.

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