Libra Music

libra-musicYou can sense that Libra Music is the home of “out of the box” thinking DJs, just by visiting their website, or by playing one of their cool mixtapes.

Omri, Itay & Roy have built their reputation playing at Tel Aviv’s hottest night clubs, throwing parties in secret locations and rocking hundreds of weddings over the years. From classy evening cocktail parties to sunny Friday afternoon events, the three say, “it all comes down to your talents of reading a crowd, especially when it is very mixed, like at weddings”.

Libra’s multi-cultural approach is what makes their DJ sets fresh and colorful but that alone is not enough; It is their talent to communicate through music and to “tell a story”, that makes them stand out. 

(+972) 54 724 5453 / (+972) 52 376 2988
Facebook | SoundCloud
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Willing to travel: Yes



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