Real Jewish Brides: Creating The Perfect Jewish Wedding Gift Registry

How many times have you asked somebody “What do you want for your birthday?” or “What do you want for Hanukkah?” only to hear the usual “I don’t know. You don’t have to get my anything!”

Being on both the giving and receiving end of this conversation numerous times, I love wedding registries! They make wedding gift shopping so easy for a guest and eliminate that dreaded question, “What do you want for your wedding?” for the bride. and groom It can be extremely awkward to ask for specific items, especially if they are on the more expensive side, but the wedding registry allows your guests to see exactly what it is that you and your partner want or need as you begin to build your new lives together while being able to stay on their own personal budget.

You’ve Got to Start Somewhere!

As with most wedding planning aspects, building your registry can be both fun and a bit stressful. You may find that you and your fiancé(e) value different things, and who knew that you’re actually supposed to register for a certain number of gifts at different price points based on the number of guests you’re having?!

We decided it would be best to register at two stores with a nation-wide presence because it would give our guests options and would make things simpler for those who are coming from out-of-town. We also knew not to limit this process to one day because it can easily become overwhelming.

Many stores that offer a wedding registry service, including the two we used (Macy’s and Bed, Bath, and Beyond) do a great job or providing Wedding Registry Guides/Checklists and a personal shopping assistant to help you through the process.

They definitely alleviate some of the stress that comes with an afternoon full of decision-making by offering information about best sellers and items that typically are left on the registry, as well as those items that you may think are necessary but usually end up getting returned after the wedding. They also do fun events and promotions to get couples excited about registering, such as Macy’s “Sip and Scan” event where Harley and I won two nights at the Palm Beach Gardens Marriott. We’re saving it until after the wedding, so we still have a staycation to look forward to!

(From L to R) Menorah by Jonathan Adler  | Menorah by Studio Armadillo

Registering for Jewish Holidays and for your Lifestyle

One of the benefits of having a 16 month engagement is that we’ve gotten to experience a whole year of life and annual celebrations in that time. There are so many things that I did not consider when we initially set up our registry that came up in that time. For example, I only added an Apple & Honey Dish to the registry after Rosh Hashanah, and I never would have thought about adding an electric knife until our Thanksgiving host and hostess went on the hunt for one that day! (Side note: Many people have complete knife sets on their wedding registries, but according to folklore, it’s bad luck to give knives as a wedding gift because it signifies a broken relationship. Expect a penny from me if this is your gift of choice!)

In addition to loving Jewish holidays, I’m also a huge fan of consistency, so I registered for a good portion of the Lenox Judaic Blessings collection which ranges from Challah Plates you can use every Shabbat to Passover Seder Plates that would only be used two night throughout the year.

(From L to R) Seder Plate by Jonathan Adler  | Seder Plate by Kate Spade New York

Keeping it Kosher

Another Jewish consideration for planning your Wedding Registry surrounds the choice to keep Kosher. If you and your fiancé(e) decide to keep a Kosher kitchen and household, I highly recommend bringing someone who also keeps Kosher on your registering adventures! For us, this person was my mom. With both Harley and myself growing up in Kosher Households, we both knew it was a a tradition we wanted to continue, but I have yet to find a Kosher Wedding Registry Guide! This essentially means doubling most kitchen items, so I was extremely happy to have my mom come along with us for the ride.

(From L to R) Challah Board by Absolutely Matanot  | Menorah by Alessi

Registry Shmegistry

You may find that some guests may completely disregard your wedding registry, and this is fine too! Some would rather give you money towards an experience or a sentimental gift that wasn’t on your list. As I continue to write these wedding planning blogs, I’m starting to find a pattern in my own writing. You can plan, plan, plan for your perfect engagement photos and your perfect day with your perfectly crafted wedding registry, but at the end of the day you’re getting married! As we hit the four month mark to our big day, I’m finding it easier to not get caught up in every little detail and just enjoy the ride to matrimony.

Dawn will be marrying Harley on 9th July 2017 at the Delray Beach Marriott in South Florida, USA, and Jack Bates Photography will be photographing her wedding.

You can read all Dawn’s planning posts so far here.


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