“My best Jewish wedding photo” by Jonas Seaman

A new weekly Sunday series where I ask some of the world’s best wedding photographers to pick out their favourite shot from their Jewish wedding portfolio. This week it’s the turn of Jonas Seaman.


‘Portrait Walk’ by Jonas Seaman

I love this photo from Misti & Asaf’s wedding in Los Angeles, California. There was so much about this wedding that made it special. First off, it was a backyard wedding which right off the bat I love. I love the more intimate ceremonies. The fact that everyone is there for something special, but the atmosphere is more relaxed. People feel more “at home” because they are! Also, Misty and Asaf’s style is right up my alley. From the Eames rocking chair in their living room to the ruby slippers Misti wore with her wedding gown, their wedding was just begging to be photographed. And, their personalities and friendship from our first meeting together pretty much stole my heart.

This photo was taken just after sunset. I took them from their reception for a quick portrait walk around their neighborhood. Just as we had lost all our available light, I though it might be cool to get this silhouette among the power lines. I was shooting with a long lens which meant I was laying down on the pavement about half a block away from them to take this shot. The thing is, the street was moderately busy at that moment. We had to wait for cars to go by, and then when there was a reprieve, we jumped into the middle of the street for the shot. Misti and Asaf were so excited with the music of their reception making a dull bass thump in the distance. They started dancing there in the street. I snapped this one quickly before the next car came to clear us out.

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