Monica Vinader’s alphabet collection: the perfect personalised jewellery for your wedding day

Anyone that knows me, knows about my obsession with Monica Vinader and how it’s played its part in my love story with Mr STG. They’ll also know that I was a graphic designer in a past life and am near obsessed with typography and letter forms.

So when I heard that Monica had launched an alphabet collection using a variety of typographic styles for each letter,  I whooped, hollered and squealed with joy… I may also have done a little prance and a jig around STG HQ.

What would I go for? A Kicon (for Karen) pendant no doubt. Or perhaps I’d buy four! I’d love a K Jicon Sicon and Zicon symbolising the initials of Karen, Jeremy, Sacha and Zara, to represent myself, my husband and two daughters.

But it’s as a bride that you can have the most fun with these. On my wedding day, I surprised Mr STG right after our ceremony by wearing a necklace with my new initials for the reception and party. I hunted high and low to find some beautiful typographic pendants but couldn’t find anything particularly special. In the end I went for these rather simple silver letter pendants on a ball chain. If only Monica Vinader had launched the alphabet collection back in 2013 I would have jumped to buy her K, C and H! (In case you’re wondering, my maiden name is Cinnamon, and my husbands’s surname is Harris. I chose to go double barrelled and become Karen Cinnamon-Harris).

Of course these would also make beautiful bridesmaid gifts too, especially as each letter is distinct with its own style. It also adds a wonderful design touch that they come in a mix of upper and lower case letters, and deliberately vary between hanging straight and at angles.

Prices for the pendants range from £65 to £80 and they come in 18kt rose and yellow gold vermeil as well as sterling silver, and sit beautifully with a Monica Vinader chainicon.

Check out the full alphabet collection right hereicon, and do let me know what you go for!


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