Considering getting married in Israel? Then I’ve found your perfect wedding planners

Regular readers will know that I have a bit of a penchant for Israeli weddings. I’ve always loved the idea of a chuppah under the stars and the all-night party vibe that Israel does so well, not to mention the abundance of food, and holding the ceremony and party all in one venue.

As it happens, when it came to organising my own wedding it was vitally important to both Mr STG and I to have his 97 year old grandmother there, and as she was unable to travel, a wedding in Israel was out of the question for us.

But if we were to have had our wedding in Israel, there’s no doubt that I would have enlisted the help of an Israeli wedding planner to work with me and help me plan it from abroad, and for those of you who find yourselves in the same position, you’re going to thank me for introducing you to BE Group TLV who I want to tell you about today.

Israeli wedding planner
I was first introduced to Lisa and the BE Group TLV team when I delightedly received Ravit and Sam’s gorgeous wedding submission. I then went on to blog their amazing W-Day (that you all loved) and got to hear about how imperative BE Group TLV were to the success of the whole celebration. Here’s what Ravit, the bride had to say:

“Lisa and the BE Group TLV team saw us through the whole planning process from start to finish. We only came to Israel once before our wedding and correspondence and decisions were made via email and telephone, with the team, guiding and escorting us at each point.”

We had an-on site team supervising our entire event, and everything was perfectly laid out and exactly as we had dreamed! We simply couldn’t have negotiated or managed production of this standard without our planners.”

Lisa and her team offer an extensive knowledge of the hottest spots in Israel, and a black book bulging with the finest selection of tried and tested vendors, not to mention access to the most stylish Israeli wedding venues. They also deal with the more ‘boring bits’ like overseeing the negotiation of of supplier contracts, the ins and outs of marriage registration, and the intricacies of holding your ceremony in Israel.

Israeli wedding planner
What’s more, they also have established relationships with local suppliers and can negotiate on your behalf (in fluent Hebrew) to obtain the best possible prices. They also provide advice on cost-saving solutions and, thanks to a comprehensive knowledge of what Israel has to offer, suggest options that you may not even have considered or even realised were available!

Working with BE Group TLV  also offers considerable time-saving benefits, reducing the stress that’s often associated with planning a wedding. They provide the peace of mind that comes from someone organising, negotiating and managing your day on your behalf, so that you’re free to enjoy the fun of decision-making and, most importantly, the day itself!

Based in Tel Aviv, but also working throughout Europe, USA and Canada, BE Group TLV pride themselves on making each and every wedding unforgettably stylish, chic and elegant. Each wedding is tailored to exact specifications, from food, venue and entertainment, to travel, flowers, design and décor, with a highly personalised service using the country’s finest suppliers.

Israeli wedding planner
Have a look at the BE Group TLV testimonials page to see for yourself how they receive the most wonderful feedback from very happy couples. Yasmin and Ben who got married in July 2014 said:

“Our wedding demands were not easy by any means – by Gaza (during Operation Protective Edge), vegetarian, half Israeli, half American, and 100% had to be built from scratch. BE Group organised the wedding of my dreams, down to the last detail (a copy of my Pinterest board). Great people that you really really trust and will fight for you till the end. Thank you Lisa and Alon, for everything”.

Whilst Laura and Josh said:

“Lisa and the BE Group team, thank you so much for being the most incredible planners for our wedding. We had the most unbelievable day and could not have done it without you all. You always went above and beyond and knew how to calm a frantic bridal party! The best planners Israel could ask for!”

Israeli wedding planner
I hope that those of you keen to plan an Israeli celebration can see that there is an amazing wedding planning consultancy out there who is ready to assist you in organising the wedding of your dreams in one of my favourite countries.

If you are interested in speaking to BE Group TLV about your wedding, please contact them directly at or call + 972 (0)3 5252 702 or + 972 (0)3 673 8074

You can also connect with BE Group TLV on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Israeli wedding planner

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