Chuppah ideas

chuppah ideasThe chuppah in its simplest form is a canopy attached to four poles but there are literally endless variations. Try and incorporate ideas that reflect you as a couple into your chuppah, whether it’s having four close friends holding the poles (and these friends don’t have to be Jewish!), or using your favourite flowers, or colour combinations; or simply creating something extraordinary that you love the look of.

The chuppah symbolises the home you and your partner will build together during your marriage, but as well as using the chuppah to celebrate your spirituality, let your personality shine through too!

Below are many ideas and designs to inspire you, and if you’re hungry for more check out the Smashing The Glass’s chuppah ideas page on Pinterest too!

We love this colourful patchwork chuppah as seen in Hannah and Peter’s wedding! The couple asked their guests to contribute squares which were then sewn together.


We can’t stop gazing at the abundance of cascading flowers of this rustic chuppah as seen in Jade and Adam‘s wedding!


Want to make it personal and feel the presence of your relatives and friends under the chuppah? Lauren and John‘s canopy was filled with pictures of family and friends and memories and if you want to know how to hand make it, follow this tutorial


A simple and elegant lace chuppah with poles wrapped with roses and flowers as seen in Shiraz and Amir’s wedding.


A beautiful, sentimental chuppah idea of using tallis from the bride and grooms’ respective grandfathers accented with autumnal leaves as seen in Frances and Rudi’s wedding.


A rustic chuppah with branches and silk from Paris covered with natural and wild white flowers and greenery as seen in this fun-filled, laid-back, festival-style wedding.


A decadently decorative floral chuppah with lots of textures and a visual impact? See more of this breathtakingly beautiful chuppah here.


How clever is the idea of using a beam to hold the canopy of your chuppah? Generously decorated with vines and flowers, of course! See more of this wonderful chuppah here.


A multi-coloured tallit and seasonal flowers for this gorgeous chuppah: a real bust of colours! See Ashley and Adam’s wedding here


You can never go wrong with white! A chic and stylish chuppah as seen in Liron and Rotem’s wedding.


Wow! You don’t want to miss this purple and red epic chuppah from the spectacular wedding of Montana and Justin


A simple but undoubtedly stylish all-white chuppah as seen in Leah and Phil’s wedding.


Yellow, orange and pink are the colours chose by Ritu and Greg for their chuppah completely drenched in flowers and greens, and wood. 


Bertha and David incorporated a white-washed vintage look into their chuppah design, with branches interwoven with greenery and cream flowers holding up a cream canopy. For a romantic, natural look!


A chuppah made with woven wood canopy under a oak tree? That’s what Erica and Olivier‘s went for!They simply added temporary poles to the 4 corners, and their florist decorated the canopy and poles with a stunning arrangement.


Want to decorate your chuppah with something original? Talia and Barry adorned their chuppah with paper flowers… what a great result!


You don’t need too much colours to make your chuppah stands out! See here what Claudia and Ryan did.

A-bride-in-a-green-wedding-dress-for-a-creative-Jewish-wedding-at-Bridgeport-Art-Center-Chicago-USA_0489 (1)

 Rustic and colorful flowers together with golden paper lanterns for a  DIY ‘Mediterranean meets rustic South’ chuppah as seen in Michelle and Joseph‘s wedding.


For a crisp and clean effect, why not have a totally white chuppah, as seen in Justine and Barry‘s wedding?

Barry and Justine

When earthy colours meet softy pastels… See Lynell and David’s wedding and their romantic foliage-draped, floral chuppah.


Amy and Adam asked their guests to send them a piece of fabric which meant something to them. See more of their wonderful chuppah from fabric collected from their guests.


An enchanted forest chuppah for a woody forest theme as seen in Colette & Rob’s destination wedding in Israel


A colourful, dreamy chuppah with simply a tallit and flowers at Baya’ar, Israel

Bayaar Israel Chuppah Inspiration_0001Image: Danielle Yashar

A breathtaking suspended floral chuppah as seen in Jamie & John’s garden loft Jewish wedding

A magical chuppah made up of intertwined branches topped with hydrangeas, roses, and orchids, and candles within glass spheres, as seen in Lemor and Adam’s Jewish wedding at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.


A really unusual chuppah made out of a birdcage structure, and adorned with ribbon and an abundance of flowers, as seen in Cassy & Mark’s ‘enchanted garden’ Jewish wedding.


Amazing floral chuppah with lots of trailing flowers and winding greenery as seen in Lauren and George’s Jewish wedding in London.


A chuppah ‘in the round’ made with colourfull tassles and pom poms as seen in Melody and Michael’s Jewish wedding full of creative surprises, at The High Museum of Art in Atlanta.


Beautifully simple outdoor floral chuppah with a talit as seen in Julie and Abe’s Jewish wedding, with a vintage botanical theme.

Outdoor Jewish Wedding

Modern sculptural chuppah designed by Andrea Cohen at Chuppah StudioChuppah-Studio-Andrea-Cohen

This super luxe rose-strewn chuppah is beyond beautiful. See it in its full glory in Lea and Douglas’s outdoor Amalfi Coast Jewish wedding.

Rose strewn chuppah

Deboroh and Hernán asked all their family to make handprints in a tree shape to represent leaves on the branches on the covering of their chuppah. See their full Jewish wedding here.



A chuppah made up of Autumn leaves and foliage, as seen in Rebecca and Daniel’s ‘Autumn in New York’ themed Jewish wedding.Autumn foliage chuppah

I love the trickling white, yellow and orange Gerberas trailing down from this chuppah. So very pretty, so very simple and so very effective. See the full wedding on Smashing The Glass here.

chuppah gerberas

A beautiful beach chuppah made from driftwoodDriftwood-Chuppah

Image: Riverland Studios via Style Me Pretty

I’m a little bit obsessed with this  ‘halo chuppah’ as featured in Ruth and Steven’s afternoon tea party Jewish wedding

English afternoon tea garden party

Wow – look at this peach blossom chuppah by Gloria Baker Florals. Utterly breathtaking!peach blossom chuppah

A chuppah made entirely from books  -WOW! Perfect for literary types… see the full spectacular book-themed Jewish wedding at the New York Public Library right here

Image: Dave Robbins Photography

A simple chuppah made from reclaimed wood, against a very ornate background, as seen at Amanda & Charley’s Jew-ish wedding


Birch and rose chuppah

birch rose chuppahPink flowers, birch wood and the groom’s grnadpa’s tallit for a beautiful garden chuppah as seen in Emma & David’s Boca Raton garden Jewish wedding. Image: Justin de Mutiis Photography 

A wonderfully colourful floral chuppah as seen in Hannah & Raf’s laid-back English country garden wedding
colourful English garden Jewish wedding_0032

A chuppah made from birch and roses as seen in Natalya and Alex’s vineyard Jewish wedding

For an outdoor night time ceremony, how about string lights and bulbs on your chuppah for a bit if classy pizazz?!String-Lights-chuppah
Image: Anahi Navarro

A bohemian quilted chuppah
Quilted chuppah
Image: The Wedding Artists Collective

A beautifully rustic chuppah featuring delphinium with accents of echeveria by Elegance & Simplicity

Have you ever seen such an incredibly creative and colourful chuppah as this? I love it! See it in all its glory and read all about Gena + Tony’s super colourful wedding.
Super colourful chuppahcreative 'colour explosion' Jewish wedding at the Sydney Polo Club, NSW, Australia
Imagery: Lara Hotz

A chuppah made from pinwheels? Whatever takes your fancy!Pinwheels chuppah
Image: Adrienne Gunde

An ethereal beach setting chuppah as seen in Jenny & Gareth’s destination beach wedding in Thailand
beach style chuppah white beach style chuppah
Imagery: D-Image Plus

An incredible modern and colourful chuppah made out of paper cranes as seen in Missy & Yoni’s super cool South East London wedding
colourful paper crane huppah
colourful paper crane chuppah
Imagery: Laura Babb

I love this wonderfully spiritual and ethereal chuppah from Amanda and Brian’s romantic elegant London wedding at the Rosewood Hotel.

Green flowery chuppah
I love this wonderfully spiritual and ethereal chuppah from Amanda and Brian’s romantic elegant London wedding at the Rosewood Hotel.

Over the top, but why not?!
[ Image: Asgeir Photography ]

A colourful ribbon chuppahcolourful ribbon chuppah
Image: Marianne Wilson Photography

Turquoise blue beach wedding chuppah
A chuppah from a beachside wedding in Phuket with a beautiful breezy chiffon fabric as seen in Gabby & Gareth’s Jewish wedding at Katathani Beach Resort, Thailand

Driftwood chuppah covered in flowers
I love this beach chuppah made from driftwood. It’s from Girls star, Jemima Kirke’s wedding to Michael Mosberg.

A chuppah spelling out the word ‘chai’ in hebrew, which translates as ‘life’. Some may consider it OTT but this is how this gorgeous couple chose to personalise and add symbolism to their ceremony.  Chai Chuppah
Image: Magic Eye Photo

quilt chuppah
How glorious is the quilted chuppah above? It is one of the most meaningful and moving chuppot I’ve ever seen – it’s a tribute to the bride’s mother who tragically passed away just as she was embarking on her wedding planning. Read the full story of this wedding right here.
[ image: Daniel C Photography ]

Such a pretty fuschia and grown outdoor chuppah from actress, Rose McGowan’s wedding to her artist husband, Davey Detail. 
[ image: Callaway Gable / Green Wedding Shoes ]

Simple yet beautiful outdoor talit chuppah as seen in Kathleen & Liz’s super-stunning music-themed Jewish wedding at Casa Cody, Palm Springs, CA
simple talit chuppah


Burlap chuppah – perfect for a sandy, beach wedding!Burlap chuppah
Image: Oeil Photography

Beautiful rose chuppah at The Grove by Mary Jane Vaughan
Chuppahat The Grove

The perfect natural-looking chuppah for a beach wedding on Lake Kinneret in Israel as featured in Michal & Samuel’s Israeli-Swiss Wedding at Kibbutz Ein Gev, Sea of Galilee
beach chuppah

[ image: Newman Photography ]

Beautiful rustic chuppah as featured in Jessica and Pete’s full moon wedding.
rustic chuppah

Ornate floral chuppah made from Avalanche roses, Majolica spray roses and ivory hydrangea at the West London Synagogue by Mary Jane Vaughan.
White rose chuppah West London Synagogue

Glorious floral home-made chuppah with the New York skyline as backdrop
New York Chuppah
[image: Nyla Gray]

Stunning chuppah by Rob Van Helden
beautiful chuppah

Exquisite floral chuppah by Natalie Mann Studio
Floral chuppah

A beautiful chuppah made from chains of gorgeous white flower heads.
white flowers chuppah

Unusual outdoor chuppah
unusual outdoor chuppah

A beautiful amaranthus-strewn chuppah.
Amaranthus chuppah

Beautiful willow chuppah with talit as featured in Steph and Juls’ beautiful Boho English Country Garden Jewish Wedding, Narborough Hall, Norfolk
Willow branch and Tallit Chuppah

Ivy Clad Chuppah with 4 poles held by 4 close family members as featured in Emma & Simon’s Enchanting Garden Wedding.
Ivy clad chuppah

A huge magnolia and white cherry blossom chuppah (made using 3000 individual stems) made for a London wedding by Essential Couture.
magnolia and white cherry blossom chuppah

Mirrored chuppah with Avalanche roses at The Dorchester hotel, London,by Mary Jane Vaughan
Dorchester mirrorred chuppah

Chuppah with brushed metal vases on plinths, with Memory Lane, Quicksand, Majolica, Bombastic and Amnesia roses with trailing Eucalyptus and Jasmine, at the Western Marble Arch Synagogue, by Mary Jane Vaughan
chuppah synagogue

Cath Kidston style chuppah as featured in Sara and John’s ‘Granny Chic’ vintage Jewish wedding at Kidbrooke Park, Sussex

Bamboo, veil and ivory rose chuppah as featured in Mishie and Misha’s spectacular Amalfi Coast destination Jewish wedding in Italy
Ravello Amalfi Jewish Wedding 133

Flower strewn chuppah as featured in Starr and Jacques’ breathtaking ‘Palace of Versailles’ themed wedding at the Mar-A-Lago Club, Palm Beach Florida.
Flower strewn chuppah

Quilt chuppah as featured in Sara & Ben’s gloriously colourful and creative California wedding. With a quilted chuppah you can integrate small pieces of your past like a school uniform or a bed sheet or fabrics that you love. Once the wedding is over you can enjoy it as a lovely moment by using it as a quilt for your bed or a wallhanging.
With a quilted chuppah you can integrate small pieces of your past like a school uniform or a bed sheet or fabrics that you love. Once the wedding is over you can have it as a lovely moment by using it as a quilt for your bed or a wallhanging.

Tree-themed chuppah tied with twine to bamboo wood poles as featured in Sarit & Ari’s gorgeous DIY wedding at The Green Building, Brooklyn, New York City

Paper-cut style chuppah created by Jeanette Kuvin Oren as featured in Sarah & Mike’s DIY inspired wedding

Rose-strewn chuppah created by Mary Jane Vaughan
Rose-strewn chuppah by Mary Jane Vaughan flowers

Roses within perspex chuppah created by Mary Jane Vaughan
Roses within perspex chuppah by Mary Jane Vaughan flowers

Stunning bright and colourful chuppah
Colourful chuppah
[ image: ]

Chuppah made from Sari Material, Jewish Hindu Interfaith Wedding
Chuppah made from Sari Material, Jewish Hindu Interfaith Wedding
[ image: ]

Ketubah Inspired Chuppot / Chuppas
Ketubah Inspired Huppah Inspiration - Cherry Blossom Ketubah Inspired chuppah Inspiration - Red
[ images: ]

Unusual chuppah by Sculptor Andrea Cohen
Chuppah by Sculptor Andrea Cohen, Chuppah Studio

[ image: ]

Beachside fuchsia purple chuppah
Beachside fuchsia purple chuppah
[ image: ]

Bamboo Chuppah for a Jewish Beach Wedding
Beach Jewish Wedding, Bamboo Chuppah
[ image: ]

All guests make a part of a chuppah quilt
All guests make a part of the chuppah quilt
[ image: ]

Beautiful chuppah with lily branches
Beautiful chuppah with Branches
[ image: Michele Bernard ]

Lace chuppah with four chuppah holders as featured in Kim & Shay’s 1920′s Inspired Israeli Wedding at Citrus, Even Yehuda, Israel.
Lace chuppah and 4 chuppah holders

Stunning and dramatic blossom chuppah
[ image: Brian ]

Chuppah made from vintage linens, flowers and lemons
Chuppah made from vintage linens, flowers and lemons
[ image: ]

As seen at Karen & Jeremy’s Wallace Collection wedding, ask your guests to contribute to your chuppah design by asking them to compose a short message that you can then incorporate into your chuppah canopy design. This is also a lovely way of including guests from abroad that aren’t able to attend in person.
chuppah wallace collection

Chuppah with hanging votives
chuppah with hanging votives
[ image: ]

Purple and White Flower Scheme Chuppah
Chuppah, Purple and white Flowers
[ image: ]

DIY Wedding Arch
DIY Wedding Arch
[ image: ]

Flowering branches for a chuppah. Beautiful metaphor.
Flowering branches for a chuppah. Beautiful metaphor
[ image: ]

Gorgeous Pink Floral Chuppah
Gorgeous Pink Floral Chuppah
[ image: ]

Laidback tree chuppah
laidback tree chuppah
[ image: ]

Love the tropical colours on the chuppah for this beach wedding
love the tropical colours for this beach wedding
[ image: ]

Rustic Chuppah
Rustic Chuppah
[ image: ]

Vintage Feather Chuppah
Vintage Feather Chuppah
[ image: ]

White Chuppah with Suspended Glass Terraniums
White Chuppah with Suspended Glass Terraniums
[ image: ]

Wire / Bird cage Inspired Chuppah
Wire Bird cage Inspired Chuppah
[ image: ]

Garden theme chuppah made from natural pine branches and white field flowers, seen at Jenna & David’s Wedding on Hatunot blog. [image: Danielle Yashar - DY Photography]

Garden theme chuppah made from natural pine branches and white field flowers, seen at Jenna & David’s Wedding on Hatunot blog. [image: Danielle Yashar – DY Photography]

Country Chuppah

Rustic chuppah, seen at Jenna & Nimi’s Wedding on Hatunot blog. [image: Eran Beeri]

Stunning natural chuppah made from curly willow, seen at Christina & Jonathan's Wedding on Green Wedding Shoes. [image: Alively Photography]

Stunning natural chuppah made from curly willow, seen at Christina & Jonathan’s Wedding on Green Wedding Shoes. [image: Alively Photography]


Before splashing out on renting or buying a chuppah from your florist, why not build it yourselves? It will feel more meaningful and even more personal with you 4 chuppah holders. Here are some simple instructions on how to build your own wedding chuppah with inexpensive materials.
– Four 2-2.5 metre poles.   Especially gorgeous when the poles are made from wood like birch or bamboo
– 2cm wooden dowels
– Fabric. Some options: plain white sheet of fabric, a traditional tallit, a quilt sewn by someone close to you or made up by separate squares by your guests, colourful fabric that compliments your wedding theme. For more inspiration see ideas from the top of the page.
– Drill

Step 1: Measure where you would like the wooden dowels to connect to the poles. Make sure your dowels do not all connect at the same spot so they do not overlap: Side bars can be 5cm lower than front and back bars

Step 2: Drill holes into the poles.

Step 3: Cut down the dowels to the desired length.  (About 180cm should be good) and begin screwing 1 dowel into one pole. Secure the dowel into the pole with a tough screw. Repeat for the additional 3 other poles

Step 4: Placing on the fabric: There are several ways to place the fabric on your chuppah framework.

  • Buy lots of fabric and drape it over the sides of the chuppah
  • Attach strings of fabric to the sheet of fabric to be tied onto the corners and loop them round the poles.

Step 5: Use flowers or artefacts to match your theme ,or anything that’s personal to you both, and decorate the corners of the chuppah to cover any unsightly corners.

The chuppah, as built above, is not free standing and would have to be held by four important people to you both (they don’t have to be Jewish, or even male, so this is a lovely way of honouring those important to you who are not necessarily already in your wedding party). If you would like a free standing chuppah, each post can sit in a flower pot filled with earth or stones.

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