Real blogging bride quirky and cool Lauren’s Jew-ish wedding at Stoke Place, Buckinghamshire, UK

Attention everyone: we have an exceptionally exciting real wedding on the blog today and one that I’ve been eager to share for quite some time!

Our real blogging bride, Lauren, who we LOVE, finally married her darling John. She is the first of our 2016 real Jewish brides to be blogged and boy, did she get wed in style. Lauren’s Jew-ish wedding was every bit as chic, contemporary and downright cool as I expected it to be. The day was expertly captured in all its glory by Photography by Krishanthi.

Lauren was a very detail-oriented bride with an exceptional eye for design. This shone through in every quirky and awesome choice the happy couple made for their big day, from their stunning gold-foil calligraphy invitations that they sourced from much-loved Smashing Supplier, The Golden Letter Paper Studio to their absolutely astounding pink ombre meringue shard cake, which almost looked too good to eat (almost).

OK, can we talk about that chuppah, please? What a wonderful sentiment and a beautiful way to involve friends and family in such an important life moment. I won’t ruin it for you, go and have a look – and then come back next week for the DIY tutorial to see how it was made.

Lauren has her own fabulous blog, which I’d encourage everyone to follow, but for now I’ll put you in Lauren’s capable hands, for one more encore on the blog (and then another cheeky one when Lauren posts her chuppah tutorial next Friday, 17th – I just can’t get enough)! Take it away, Lauren.

DIY Jewish Wedding Buckinghamshire UK_0003 DIY Jewish Wedding Buckinghamshire UK_0001 DIY Jewish Wedding Buckinghamshire UK_0004 DIY Jewish Wedding Buckinghamshire UK_0011
How we met

We talked for a few weeks on before meeting up for our first date on Valentine’s Day. I turned up very late as I was evidently not overly keen at that point. John bought me a present – a rose and a card.

We got on so well and then watched Impractical Jokers until two AM while eating my homemade cookies. Lots more details are in my first blog!

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A whimsical woodland Jewish wedding with a Jenny Packham gown at South Farm, Royston, UK

Pull on those wellies, we’re taking another trip to whimsical Hertfordshire venue, South Farm, for Clare and Toby’s magical, woodland-themed wedding. This country-inspired Jewish big day had everything from berries in the bouquet to a spot of light duck herding at the drinks reception – as you do!

There are so many divine details to drool over, from the beautiful moss, foliage and rose-heavy floral arrangements to the sublime scented candles, provided by the bride’s sister.

Fortunately, every last detail was perfectly captured in a collection of stunning images by much-loved sponsor and incredibly talented photographer Ria Mishaal.

We’re also totally head-over-heels in love with beautiful bride Clare’s drop-dead-gorgeous wintry and etherial Jenny Packham gown, paired with sparkly Jenny Packham headpieces.

Oh, and we’ve already mentioned the duck herding, but seriously, how cute are those ducks? It’s enough to make us think that every wedding should have a cheeky pen-full of feathered friends handy.

We’ll leave you with Clare now for the full report. Take it away, Clare!

Woodland theme Jewish Wedding South Farm Royston UK_0004 Woodland theme Jewish Wedding South Farm Royston UK_0005 Woodland theme Jewish Wedding South Farm Royston UK_0025 Woodland theme Jewish Wedding South Farm Royston UK_0019
How we met

Clare, the bride: We met at work. Toby was a bit hesitant about dating someone at work so we ‘courted’ for about a year before we finally became official.

Woodland theme Jewish Wedding South Farm Royston UK_0008 Woodland theme Jewish Wedding South Farm Royston UK_0009 Woodland theme Jewish Wedding South Farm Royston UK_0010 Woodland theme Jewish Wedding South Farm Royston UK_0011
A laid-back, intimate venue at South Farm, Royston 

We got married at South Farm in Royston. I thought it was such a beautiful, laid back and intimate venue. Plus, I love animals so the animal enclosure sold it to me. On a more practical level it had everything we needed: rooms for the night, indoor and outdoor ceremony options and a separate room for tea and coffee. 

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A fun festival Masorti Jewish wedding with a bride in an Alice Temperley dress at South Farm, Hertfordshire, UK

Every now and then, one of those real weddings lands in the STG inbox that just genuinely looks like so much fun that we wish we would have been invited too!

Between the vintage funfair games, pink flamingos, glamping, bouncy castle, ice cream truck (in that order, we hope) and photobooth, as well as providing a crèche for their friends’ kids, this conscientious couple could not have put more effort into keeping their guests entertained.

Charlotte and Dan’s fun-filled, laid-back, festival-style wedding took place at South Farm in Royston, Hertfordshire and was shot by photographer Kristian Leven.

Bride, Charlotte, wowed with fresh flowers in her hair and an an Alice Temperley dress fit for a boho bride (and for a quick go on the bouncy castle!).

Charlotte and Dan didn’t let the disappointment of their outdoor ceremony being rained off spoil their big day. Instead, they ran with their plan B, moving the ceremony to the barn. Forget crying babies, this couple had to contend with oinking pigs and crowing cockerels, making their Masorti ceremony all the more interesting.

Equality was also an important factor in the planning of the day. The Masorti ceremony was chosen due to its inclusivity and Charlotte delivered a speech, as did her close, female friends. Who runs the world?

In true festival style, the party went on until the early hours – a roaring success all round. Let’s hand over to Charlotte to tell us more about her and Dan’s special day.

Rustic Jewish Wedding South Farm UK_0016 Rustic Jewish Wedding South Farm UK_0012 Rustic Jewish Wedding South Farm UK_0061 Rustic Jewish Wedding South Farm UK_0017
How we met

Charlotte, the bride: Dan is my big brother Paul’s best friend. Naughty naughty…

Rustic Jewish Wedding South Farm UK_0043 Rustic Jewish Wedding South Farm UK_0022
A quirky, outdoorsy venue at South Farm in Royston, UK

We chose to get married at South Farm in Royston due to its laid-back style and country feel. It was the only venue we looked at because we knew exactly what we wanted. We aren’t into fussy formal weddings and we wanted everyone to feel relaxed and happy.

The venue is quirky yet beautiful and we had free range to personalise it which was really important to us. I grew up in the country and am quite outdoorsy and so wanted the venue to reflect that.

South Farm is not too far from London (50 minutes) but still has that rural feel. We wanted to make the wedding as stress free as possible for everyone especially seeing as were married on a Monday.

Everyone that worked at South Farm was so passionate about the venue, in particular the incredible chef Matt and our beyond amazing event organizer Becky. I could not have asked for more helpful, dedicated and lovely people to help plan the day with.

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A Texas-meets-Jewish knees up wedding with pie on Pi Day at Hyatt Regency La Jolla, San Diego, California, USA

Yeeehaw! Get ready for a cool cultural collision you just don’t see every day.

Taylor and David were best friends for several years before a fateful kiss after a West Wing marathon prompted them to realise what had been right in front of them all along.

Their Texas-meets-Jewish wedding, captured by husband-and-wife photography team, Shane and Lauren Photography, was planned specifically to fall on March 14th, a.k.a. Pi Day.

Pi, a number that goes on indefinitely, was the perfect choice to echo Jewish wedding traditions, such as the breaking of the glass under the Chuppah with the sentiment “may your marriage last as long as it would take to repair this glass” (forever). We reckon the idea is a must-steal for math-loving Jewish couples everywhere!

In keeping with the Pi theme, the couple served… you guessed it – pie! Mini pies in mason jars were served for dessert and the couple cut an apple pie instead of a wedding cake. In fact, good luck reading this entire post without getting hungry – if you manage it, you’ve done better than the Smashing the Glass team.

To honour San Diego’s growing craft beer scene, they also had an epic beer bar and gave out koozies (fabric sleeves designed to keep a drink warm, for any non-Texan natives out there) as favours.

Over to Taylor to take us through all the details of her and David’s big day…

jewish-wedding-san-diego-california_0005 jewish-wedding-san-diego-california_0034 jewish-wedding-san-diego-california_0023
From best friends to husband and wife 

Taylor, the bride: David and I met in law school. We were both student representatives for Kaplan Bar Review and got to know each other better by working there. I graduated school and then came back two years later to work in San Diego for Kaplan Bar Review in a full-time position. He was in his last year of school and was still a student representative and we reconnected.

We were best friends for over a year and a half with no romantic involvement. I dated other guys (that he knew), he dated other girls (that I knew) but no spark was there. 

Then, eventually, something changed.  A few days after Valentine’s Day in 2013, we were both single (him very newly so having just broken up with a long-distance girlfriend) and hanging out at his house watching The West Wing and we kissed. 

We became even more inseparable after that day, got a dog named Bartlett (named after the president on The West Wing), and got married a little over two years later.

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Tzeitel & Motel | Rustic Jewish Wedding in Anatevka (with a Fiddler on the Roof)

Just in time for the holidays we have the most extraordinary real wedding on the blog today. While it’s not the most detail-heavy or Pin-worthy wedding we’ve ever featured, it’s a beautiful tale of love conquering all. What it lacks in décor and style, it makes up for in sincerity, and we just had to share it with you.

Childhood sweethearts, Tzeitel and Motel, never thought they’d make it down the aisle. Even though they had known each other their whole lives and were madly in love, bride Tzeitel’s parents had other ideas. After a near miss with an arranged marriage, the two were finally given papa Tevye’s blessing and couldn’t wait to say “I do”. Nothing could keep these two down – even though the wedding ended with a shocking pogrom, the pair still look back on all the positives of the day.

From their outdoor, rustic chic theme to the special and frankly groundbreaking entertainment (just wait till you see the bottle dancing flashmob) this real wedding is full of joy, heart,  and Jewish soul.

Over to Tzeitel!

How we met

Tzeitel, the bride: Motel and I have known each other since we were children. But, as our village matchmaker, Yente, says: “from such children come other children” – we fell in love.

Around a year before the wedding, we secretly gave each other a pledge that we would marry, or, to put it simply, we got engaged. When my dad found out, he hit the roof so hard he almost knocked the fiddler off it!

Having said that, even though he thought it was a little unheard of and absurd, and that Motel was either out of his mind or crazy, my dad couldn’t help but look into my eyes and allow me to marry for love.

Motel may be a poor tailor, but in the end, my dad recognised that even a poor tailor is entitled to some happiness. It was actually quite a beautiful moment, although my mum took some talking round later (that was a bit of a nightmare, actually, but that’s a whole other story).

Given that we didn’t think we’d ever get permission to marry, it really was a wonder of wonders – a miracle of miracles, if you will!

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