A picture-perfect Jewish wedding overlooking the sea, with an Enzoani gown at Los Monteros Golf and Spa Hotel, Marbella, Spain

Our absolute favourite thing about destination weddings is that, without fail, they provide epic, awe-inspiring scenery, and today’s beautiful destination celebration in Marbella, Spain, is certainly no exception.

Lizzi and Mark met through a family connection and quickly fell in love. Set in Spain as the perfect backdrop for their big day, the couple enlisted incredible Smashing Supplier, optimum weddings by The Weddings Company to help them to liaise with their suppliers overseas and make their dream day happen. It goes without saying that Lizzi and Mark were overjoyed with the results.

The ceremony took place overlooking the sea with mountains in the distance – the postcard-ready picture was framed by the couple’s stunning Chuppah, with its beautiful floral arrangements. What more could anyone want?

There’s a lot to love about Lizzi and Mark’s big day, but we simply have to mention the phenomenal vibes of the Israeli dancing – as you can see from the pictures, the party was definitely buzzing, and nobody held back!

Fireworks filled the sky as the pair cut their cake, creating a Hollywood-perfect romantic moment to remember forever.

The wedding was shot by Your Wedding Moments.

Destination Jewish Wedding Marbella Spain_0014   Destination Jewish Wedding Marbella Spain_0006 Destination Jewish Wedding Marbella Spain_0007
How we met

Lizzi, the bride: Funnily enough, we met at my brother’s wedding in Israel in 2014. I thought I knew all of his friends, but turns out… I didn’t. Not his one Northern friend from Leeds. We met, there was an instant chemistry, he then moved down to London, and the rest is history.
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A bespoke Shadive’s Brides dress at a party-it-up-atmosphere wedding at Terra, Caesarea, Israel

It goes without saying that we adore an Israeli wedding – and somehow it’s even more special when the couple have chosen to travel to Israel to say “I do”.

Secondary school teacher, Katie, and business owner, Mark, got married at Terra in Caesarea, Israel. Despite coming down with a horrific stomach flu on the day, love won out and Katie still made the very best of the situation, looking back on her big day with love.

I was particularly moved by Katie’s sincere and heartfelt words about her decision to get married in Israel. She writes so eloquently that I won’t step on her description here, but it’s perfect and definitely worth sitting down with a cuppa and reading.

At 5ft2”, Katie struggled to find the perfect dress until she went bespoke with Shadiye’s Brides in Islington. Seeing the end result, we think it was a match made in heaven – just how gorgeous did she look?

Smashing Supplier Live Band and DJ, Caliente, created an electric atmosphere until 4.30am and the whole wedding was peppered with brilliant, thoughtful ideas. For example a designated kids’ corner with fun activities to keep little ones entertained, a flower station, bags of sweets for a middle-of-the-night pick me up and so much more. It’s clear that Katie and Mark considered their guests’ feelings and the importance of their experience at every turn. 

The magic of the day was captured by STG regular – Ronen Boidek, videographer – Canelé (don’t miss out on the wonderful wedding video at the bottom of the post) and Katie herself with her fabulously descriptive account. Over to Katie for more on her Israeli wedding day.

Jewish Wedding at Terra Caesarea Israel_0001 Jewish Wedding at Terra Caesarea Israel_0002 Jewish Wedding at Terra Caesarea Israel_0003 Jewish-Wedding-at-Terra-Caesarea-Israel
How we met

Katie, the bride: We met at university. For the first six months we were together, Mark managed to say ‘this is nothing serious’ on every single date. Charming, I know. Joke’s on him though – this marriage is for life!

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An intimate Jewish wedding at Villa Mangiacane, Tuscany, Italy, with a bespoke gown by Inbal Raviv, the bride’s sister

The number one ingredient for a swoon-worthy wedding is a healthy serving of romance, and Amir & Shiraz’s dreamy Italian ceremony had romance aplenty, both in the aesthetic and the obvious deep, deep love between the two of them.

The pair, originally from Israel, met during their mandatory IDF army service. Amir comforted Shiraz through her homesickness and a best friendship blossomed into true love.

The couple were living in the US at the time of the wedding and decided on Villa Mangiacane in Tuscany, Italy, as a central meeting point to bring together their families from around the world.

We absolutely swooned when we saw Shiraz’s breathtakingly bohemian and fashion-forward dress, and were even more wowed to learn that the dress was made by the bride’s sister, Israeli designer Inbal Raviv. No wonder the dress was so flattering, as it was made with love for the bride by someone with bucket loads of talent and the benefit of knowing her so well.

Roses adorned the chuppah and were a consistent feature in the theme – a meaningful nod to the first flower that Amir gave Shiraz. 

The magic of the day was captured by photographer, Edoardo Agresti, and make sure you also check out the stunning, cinematic wedding video by Milaneschi Films at the bottom of the post.

We’ll hand over to Shiraz now for the full story of her perfect Jewish wedding day.

destination-jewish-wedding-tuscany-italy_0009 destination-jewish-wedding-tuscany-italy_0010 destination-jewish-wedding-tuscany-italy_0008 destination-jewish-wedding-tuscany-italy_0012
How we met

Shiraz, the bride: We met while doing mandatory service in the army in Israel. I was very unsettled and homesick, Amir became my friend and gradually we fell in love. He was always there for me and he still is to this day. My best friend!

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A spectacular Jewish destination wedding with a bride in a Howard Green dress at Villefrenche-sur-Mer, Côte d’Azur, France

There are destination weddings and then there are destination weddings, and Justine & Barry’s dreamy South of France outdoor W Day definitely falls into the latter category.

The couple, whose international background (Justine grew up in South Africa, while Barry is originally from Zimbabwe and has lived all over the world) meant they had their pick of stunning destinations, chose the idyllic Villefrenche-sur-Mer, Côte d’Azur – a private chateau on the mountains above Nice overlooking the coastline.

This discerning couple put so much careful thought into each and every detail. There is so much to talk about – from the beautiful way Justine describes her connection to the religious ceremony and its traditions to both family’s own respective sentimental customs, including a ring that has been passed down through generations of the family and used in over 100 weddings.

The couple kept their series of events exciting by including a series of surprises, including an epic first dance that the couple still sneakily re-lives to this day and drip-feeding their guests details about the astounding destination. They also showered their lucky guests with lovely and thoughtful gifts, favours and special treats including luxuriously tempting macarons, a drinks trolley with fine liquors, pashminas, flip flops and kippot. It makes us wish that we’d been invited!

We could go on forever about the amazing attention to detail and the heart and soul that the couple poured into planning their big day, but we think that Justine does such a wonderful job of describing the events that it’s time to hand over to her. Take it away, Justine.

destination-jewish-wedding-cote-dazur-france_0031 destination-jewish-wedding-cote-dazur-france_0028 destination-jewish-wedding-cote-dazur-france_0012
Stunning views at Villefrenche-sur-Mer, Côte d’Azur

We were married at the Domaine du Montleuze in Villefranche-sur-Mer. It’s a private chateau at the top of mountains above Nice, overlooking the entire coastline.

We got engaged in late March 2016 in the Swiss Alps and wanted to contrast our winter engagement with a summer wedding.

It is worth mentioning at this point that I grew up and lived in South Africa before moving to London five years ago. Barry, originally from Zimbabwe, has lived in multiple countries including South Africa, before moving to London eight years ago.

A summer wedding in South Africa was naturally expected. However, we wanted to be different and have something unique, something wildly romantic and intimate, but also a crazy party. Plus, it had to be easily accessible. Europe it was.

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An earthy pastel-themed Jewish wedding at Villa Miani, Rome, Italy

We can’t help it – at STG we’re total suckers for a romantic destination wedding, and destinations don’t get much dreamier than the rustic Italian hills overlooking the whole of the city of Rome (the groom’s favourite childhood beauty spot, no less).

This earthy, natural and pastel-accented beauty was submitted by much-loved Smashing Supplier wedding planner, Italian Wedding Company and we just adored swooning over the pictures and hearing Americans, Lynell and David’s, touching account of their big day.

First of all, can we just talk about the décor scheme? Enchanted foliage and moss-heavy foundations decorated with soft and chic ballet-pink pastel hues, and that Chuppah! It all looks like something out of a contemporary adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream – whimsical and with a real wow-factor, captured expertly by photographer Joe Kathrina.

While this real wedding is undoubtedly stunningly beautiful, it was also rich with emotion. Having grown up glued to her parents’ wedding video, where her mother walked down the aisle to Sunrise Sunset (we like Fiddler on the Roof just a bit, didn’t you know?), romantic Lynell chose the same song to make her entrance.

And this part of David and Lynell’s write up stopped us in our tracks: most couples would be upset about rain on their wedding day, but when it started to lightly drizzle right after the vows were exchanged, bride Lynell said it was like the sky was crying happy tears with them. We’re not crying – you’re crying!

We could go on for hours about this wedding’s magical moments, from the food (don’t read this while hungry – don’t say we didn’t warn ya) to a particularly adorable idea involving sparklers, but we’ll hand over to the happy couple now to tell you all about their day, in their own words.

destination-jewish-wedding-villa-miani-rome-italy_0004 destination-jewish-wedding-villa-miani-rome-italy_0024 destination-jewish-wedding-villa-miani-rome-italy_0002 destination-jewish-wedding-villa-miani-rome-italy_0003 A romantic hilltop ceremony overlooking Rome

Lynell, the bride: We got married in Rome. Surrounded by our closest family and friends we said forever at Villa Miani in Monte Mario, a hilltop villa overlooking all of Rome.

David had lived in Monte Mario with his family when he was in high school, and one of his favourite things about living there was being able to see the most beautiful view of the entire city. To have that same view as the backdrop for our wedding was something neither of us will ever forget.

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