Smashing the Glass takes over The Savoy for 24 hours + Win a night’s stay at the iconic London hotel

My 24 hours at The Savoy filmed by Adrian Stone of The Dreamcatchers

Happy Wedding Wednesday! To soften the blow as we all come down from our Valentine’s Day highs, I have an exciting post all about my epic, 24-hour takeover of London’s iconic five-star hotel, wedding and events venue, The Savoy.

I also have a rather extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime accompanying competition to win a night for two at the world-famous Savoy, so keep your eyes peeled at the end of this post to make sure you don’t miss out (seriously, this one’s a biggie!).

Weddings-at-The-Savoy-Hotel As I was given a rare, all-access pass to a world-famous institution and the epitome of the lap of luxury (special thanks to Charlotte Faith, the amazing PR manager at The Savoy who arranged this incredible experience), I had a lot of questions – and was, in turn, provided with a plethora of answers, so it’s worth perhaps brewing a cup of tea or coffee before you sit down to read this post as there is so much fabulousness to take in.

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London
Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Accompanying me were award-winning wedding photographer, Claudine Hartzel and world-class wedding filmmaker, Adrian Stone of The Dreamcatchers. Huge thanks to both of them – for Adrian for his spectacular film right at the top and also the longer (and even more action-packed!) 5 minute version lower down in the competition section). And to the divine Claudine for capturing my stay with her fabulous photos throughout this post and on social media. Thank you to both of them for their excellent company!

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London
Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London
Savoy Flowers A suite with a river view and a second-to-none butler service

On arrival, I checked into my stunning £1,600 a night one-bedroom Edwardian suite with a river view over the Thames, looking out onto London’s much-loved landmarks, where a sumptuous lunch was already laid out for us (as well as fabulous floral arrangements from Savoy Flowers and a Chocolate Delight, which you’ll have to watch the Facebook Live video to truly appreciate). I was then introduced to The Savoy’s head butler, the delightful Sean Davoren.

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London
Suites at The Savoy come with an indescribable 24-hour butler service and now, having said that, I’m going to have to attempt to describe it in a way that does it justice.

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London
Butlers at The Savoy represent a living, breathing definition of customer service. In fact, if you look up ‘customer service’ in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of a smiling Sean Davoren proudly presenting you with a lovingly arranged tray of all of your favourite things.

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London
There’s nothing that a butler at The Savoy can’t manage. They will respond to any request within four minutes, from pressing the dress on your wedding morning to taking care of all the mundane details you don’t want to think about (kind of makes your other half seem obsolete, huh); from drawing you a luxurious, scented bath to sending up a selection of your favourite foods, whether on the menu or not – even packing for you, if you so desire.

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London_0035 This service came in extremely handy when, in all the excitement of getting glammed up for a night at The Savoy’s exceptional restaurants and bars, I actually forgot my pyjamas. It was only getting to bed, past midnight, that I realised.

Despite the antisocial hour, Sean immediately arranged for loungewear from the gym to be sent up to my room and saved the day!

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London To further illustrate my point: Sean was once asked to provide fresh-from-the-teat goat’s milk to fill a guest’s bath and sent a taxi all the way to Wales to collect it. How’s that for above and beyond?

Hear some more of Sean’s outrageously entertaining butler tales by catching up with our Facebook Live video below!

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How to find your ideal wedding venue

Finding a wedding venue is, I’m guessing, right at the top of your to-do list (as well as finding a phenomenal dress of course!) Aleisha McCormack, author of the wedding planning guide Smart Wedding, and host of the Save The Date wedding podcast, is here to tell you how to find and secure your ideal wedding venue in a stress-free, easy-peasy and super-productive way.

The ‘Perfect’ Wedding Venue doesn’t exist…

Your idea of a ‘perfect’ wedding venue (if there is such a thing) is, most likely, vastly different to mine. I’d say besides deciding that the person that you are marrying is ‘the one’, your wedding venue is the biggest choice that you will make when it comes to wedding planning… a big decision in which many smaller decisions rely and revolve around…so no pressure then!

Thanks to the magic of the interwebs, some fabulous new specialty apps and lateral thinking, the search for the venue that fits you is super easy.

Oval Space
Image: Oval Space wedding venue, London

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Let your story start here… visit London’s celebrated RSA House at their VIP Open Day on Saturday 18th April 2015

Image: Fiona Kelly Photography

Ok, hands up who loves a good story? Right now, some of the wedding venues that excite me the most are the ones with tantalising tales to tell. And RSA House – holding a VIP Open Day on Saturday 18th April – is overflowing with stories of epic invention, legendary creativity… and history being made.

Not that ANY day in history will be as important as your special day, of course (we have our priorities spot-on here, at Smashing the Glass). But beyond the breathtakingly elegant Georgian façade near the Strand and Trafalgar Square, lie a range of beautiful, opulent (and often surprising) rooms and spaces, just waiting for your story to start.

Holding your wedding at RSA House connects you and your guests to some of the greatest creative thinkers, scientists and artists who have shaped our world. And with 13 different rooms, a capacity for between five and 220 guests, a combination of period detail and contemporary style – and the magically shifting ambience between rooms – it’s a wonderfully versatile venue for your celebrations.

RSA House rsa house

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10 amazing outdoor wedding venues in the UK

Image: Ross Harvey

Today’s post is written by the super cool Deirdre McGinnis from Chic & Boutique Wedding Venues. Deirdre curates only the coolest, hippest and most fabulous wedding venues on Chic & Boutique and I’m thrilled that today, especially for Smashing The Glass, she’s picked out ten extraordinary outdoor wedding venues in the UK.  These ten gorgeous al fresco gems cover every kind of style and taste, and are suitable for capacities of 50 to 500.

Do you dream of getting married outdoors under the British skies? Are you a child of nature? The sort who longs to commune with the outdoors and feel the weather on your face, even if it is British weather? Believe it or not, London and the UK have a veritable bounty of outdoor venues available for wedding receptions and ceremonies, and I’ve picked out my top ten today, for your perusal.

Whilst the venues we’ve selected here can’t offer you, say, a Malibu sunset, what they can offer you is a fresh, open air experience alongside the beautiful elegance of an English Wedding. If you’ve ever considered having your chuppah outdoors, you absolutely need to acquaint yourself with these fabulous al fresco venues.

Kew Gardens, Richmond, Surrey
(Max Capacity 400)


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One of our Smashing Suppliers spends the day at Waddesdon Estate – a wonderfully stylish and versatile wedding venue

All imagery and words by Laura Babb, one of Smashing The Glass’s trusted Smashing Suppliers

Good morning STG readers. I’m Laura, a proud Smashing Supplier, and I’m thrilled to be sharing my first ever post for Smashing The Glass. I went off on assignment a few weeks ago, with my camera in hand, to the beautiful Waddesdon Estate.

The Waddesdon Estate is owned by the Rothschild family – a banking family of Jewish origin – and Lord Rothschild is known for his love of and support of the arts. Waddesdon Manor itself is a National Trust property and was designed by an eminent French architect, so it really is quite curious to see a seemingly French chateaux nestled in the Buckinghamshire Countryside.

The estate itself is spread over 6000 acres of land and encompasses 4 different venues that not only cater for weddings but also cater for all budgets and tastes. 

The individual venues are driving distance from each other, so even if they had four weddings happening at the same time, you’d never know and each of the venues feels very exclusive.

Waddesdon Estate
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