Save The Day with John Lewis

John Lewis
 has always been close to my heart, in fact to most Brits it’s pretty much an institution upon which we’ve always relied on. From picking up my first pair of knitting needles for a school project, to getting those navy, leather Mary-Jane school shoes we all wore, and in more recent years bulk-buying cotton sleep suits for my own children, John Lewis has always been there for me.

Apart from that familial reliability – and those heart-wrenching Christmas ads – the other major association most people make with John Lewis has to be the infamous you-can’t-go-wrong wedding gift list. And again, trusty JL was there for me at one of life’s most important milestones.

But what you may not realise is just how much “wedding” they actually have within those beautifully curated floors.

It really is a bridal cornucopia, an Aladdin’s cave. From occasion wear, gifts, stationery, haberdashery, decorations, fizz and make up, there’s no doubt about it – when it comes to weddings – John Lewis is ALL over it.

And because it’s so trustworthy and established, it manages to keep everybody happy. There’s something for every kind of couple, whether you’re seeking classical big day perfection or a quirkier, more offbeat feel.

John Lewis Wedding
Haberdashery / Wedding Craft

For me, where John Lewis really stands out is as THE home of haberdashery. And for those who think haberdashery is just a few different types of buttons, think again.

John Lewis has an unmatched range of ribbons, silks, embroidery, braids, fabrics, zips and, yes, buttons. But also an incredible range of wedding craft and accessories – its the place where you can pick up the floral corsages, buntings and all the add-ons to bring your big day vision to life, no matter how creative.

And they also have really cool decorative bits and pieces that can totally liven up your home long after your big day is over. How gorgeous is the East of India range? And take a look at these Rico Alphabet Decor letters – they’d be just as fab on a shelf in your hallway, as they would be placed next to a guest book at the wedding.

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My dream gift list from Prezola…. What would you choose?

From experience, creating a gift list can often be a daunting part of wedding planning when really it should be one of the most fun. Wandering the aisle with a scanner gun whilst navigating a department store can cause serious headaches, and quite frankly the technology  is more than a little outdated. Plus, what happens if you’re already living together and don’t need another cutlery set, or you have taste that’s a little cooler than your average department store?

Enter Prezola, a trailblazer of a service who are taking gift list-ing to a whole new level and are re-inventing the experience for modern couples. Of course they offer all the gift list essentials (and 30,000 of them at that) but they also cater to your personal taste and unique story. Not only will you find items that reflect your interests from tech to travel to wine and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, there’s also gorgeous home decor from over 300 of the best homeware brands, and if it appeals, you can also ask your guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund, favourite charity, or even cash to put towards something special. Added to that, you can add in any product from any retailer if it’s not part of their own curation. As personal as it gets, right?!

And because choice is at the very core of Prezola‘s user experience, Mr STG and I were asked to to go fantasy gift list shopping for our own apartment, and for anything else that appealed to our exceedingly good taste! Reason no. 18342 why I love my job…


Choosing items for our apartment

Some of you may have seen pictures of our apartment already on Instagram. It’s a former piano factory with urban views over London and has a ‘warehouse’ feel (you can see a glimpse of it up there at the top of the post). Our interiors style is a combination of minimalism, pop art, a love of design and typography, and an urban yet cosy feel – a real mix I know!

Our list is filled with some interiors decor that I frankly have to have for our flat, as well as some amazing cookware (for suppers à deux and dinner parties), some fun bar accessories (we are partial to an Aperol Spritz or three), our favourite board games, art, books, some sailing action… the list goes on! Have a look at my page to see all our choices or have a quick glimpse of our absolute faves below.

Does your taste match ours? What are your favourite products on Prezola? I hope I’ve inspired you to hop on over to Prezola to start visualising your future home together. There really is no place like… Prezola!

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