What’s the best thing about a Jewish wedding?

We’re all here for the same reason: we love Jewish weddings – and at STG, it goes without saying that our family of Smashing Suppliers are no exception. But what is it about a Jewish wedding that makes everyone want to be a part of the tradition, whether they’re Jewish or not?

We put the call out to our Smashing Suppliers to tell us their favourite element of a Jewish wedding and explain why it means so much to them – and they certainly had a lot to say on the subject! So take five minutes out of your day, sit down, relax and enjoy a verbal highlights reel of our suppliers’ favourite things. Oh, and don’t forget the most important thing of all:  

The Tisch

We love the Tisch – it’s a fantastic moment, a totally kosher excuse for a last-second boisterous boys’ club for the groom and his crew to knock back some whiskey and get pumped up for the occasion. You can read more about the Tisch here.

Rahul from F5 Photography said:

“One of my favourite parts of a Jewish Wedding is the Tisch, it’s amazing to see all the ‘boys’ get together and celebrate the groom getting married, whilst singing songs and having a few shots of whiskey! The camaraderie is amazing to witness and photograph, it’s also really cool that the Rabbi often joins in too and has a drink with the groom.”

The Badeken

We had a first-look tradition before it was cool. That’s right, the Badeken is that touching moment when the bride and groom lock eyes for the first time before the ceremony. It’s moving, intimate and special – and, of course, our suppliers adore it.

Debbie from Qube Events & Productions said:

“One of my favourite parts of a Jewish wedding is the Badeken. I love seeing the expression on the brides’ and grooms’ faces when they see each other before for the wedding; usually very emotional and lots of happy tears.”

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Create the perfect destination wedding with Tel Aviv dream team – Made in Israel Events

Made-In-Israel-Events An occupational highlight of my job (apart from taking over The Savoy) is that I get to meet exciting, new companies starting out on the wedding scene, before most. It’s such a fabulous dream factory of an industry and I love finding the new talent-brimming with fresh ideas. I’ve always been a what’s-the-next-big-thing girl.

Made in Israel Events are the (relatively) new wedding organisers on the Tel Aviv wedding circuit. They’re a breath of fresh air in the form of two friends Lior and Yael.

Made in Israel Events_0002 They’re event planners who specialise in producing destination weddings all over Israel. With special consideration to Anglo tastes. They’ll create an amazing big day for you – without you having to worry about language barriers or negotiating with Israeli vendors. And apart from that huge logistical sigh of relief – they also bring style inspiration for a thoroughly modern wedding.

Made In Israel Events Made In Israel Events Destination Wedding in Israel

Here at STG we adore Israeli weddings. Aside from its cultural meaning, Israel is a place where the sun shines almost every day of the year; it’s beautiful, exotic, energetic and fun. Perfection.

Yael’s overseas family who came to her own wedding in Israel were head over heels in love with the venue, food and of course the atmosphere. And that’s when it dawned on her that there’s a great interest in destination weddings in Israel. People want to have the ultimate Jewish wedding with an Israeli touch.

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Looking for a candid, creative wedding photographer? We’ve found him…

Ran-Bergman-Wedding-Photography-Israel So, is that loved-up selfie you took on Valentines Day still your screensaver? Did you go filter crazy until you got the perfect, natural, image. We’ve all been there.

But your wedding is one day you really don’t want to be critical of your photographs. And you definitely wont have the chance to personally edit them as you go along. In fact, you have to place a huge amount of trust in your wedding photographer – after all you won’t see the finished product until after the event.

Ran Bergman Wedding Photographer Israel Ran Bergman Wedding Photographer Israel_0142 Ran Bergman Wedding Photographer Israel Ran Bergman Wedding Photographer Israel So, to make a considered selection, that means:

  1. Studying the photographer’s website
  2. Checking their artistic style
  3. Seeing if their personality works for you
  4. Comparing costs.  

All are super-important to find ‘the one’.

Ran Bergman’s got it all

Today, I’d love to help you get to grips with a photographer we’re LOVING at STG, Ran Bergman. In fact I’m blogging a fabulous real Jewish wedding of his next month that will make your jaws drop… and what’s more, for me he sails through with flying colours on all of those points above. 

Ran Bergman Wedding Photographer Israel_0125 Ran Bergman Wedding Photographer Israel Cala shoes wedding
The Man behind the Lens

Based in Israel, Ran photographs weddings all over the world. He LOVES people and he LOVES photography. This is a heady mix for a wedding snapper.

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Hand make your own Chuppah: DIY Tutorial

You all went crazy over on Instagram for real bride Lauren’s handmade chuppah in last week’s real Jew-ish wedding, so today she has kindly taken to the pages of Smashing The Glass with an easy-to-follow DIY tutorial on how to make one yourself. Please give Lauren Beadle, the craft blogger, a warm welcome!

I like to hand make things. So as you can imagine, my Jew-ish wedding was awash with loads of hand made touches.

I always make big plans to create all manner of complicated items for an event, but inevitably I will pare it back and choose a more simple design or technique. I definitely did this with a couple of ideas I had for the wedding. About a month before the wedding I realised I didn’t quite have enough time to make 140 candles and opted for a more crowd-pleasing miniature bottle of a favourite alcoholic drink, with a hand-lettered tag.

One element that I did actually plan well was our chuppah… I wanted it to it be personal, effective and simple to construct.

Handmade chuppah
There are many ideas and opinions about the origins and meaning of ‘The Chuppah’ (some of which can be found here) but for me a chuppah is a physical representation of a bride and groom’s first home together, one that is supported and surrounded by family and friends from two different families and I feel that it should be something that is built together by the bride and groom as a symbol of that first home.

The chuppah that we created for our wedding was designed to represent this and to be constructed easily the night before the wedding or even on the day. If we can do it, then anyone can! We were incredibly lucky to be able to get into our wedding venue and set up the night before.

DIY chuppah tutorial
I had originally planned the chuppah structure to be set up on the day by the groom and/ or the groomsmen alone, so it needed to be relatively simple (I am a teeny weeny bit of a control freak when it comes to making things). In fact many of the construction ideas came from my husband, going slightly against the grain for me. We really wanted this to be something we built together and use our different skill set to do it.

To make the chuppah you don’t really need any major technical skills. You do need some proficiency with an iron… hopefully you have that skill under your belt!

Build your own chuppah
It would be useful if you were able to use a sewing machine, but if you don’t mind a more rustic look, then you could easily get away with some raw edges on your canopy. In fact any part of this ‘how-to’ can be adapted to suit your own skills or style.

What you’ll need

For The Canopy:

  • A selection of images for the underside of your canopy
  • Inkjet printer
  • 2 meters of a close weave lightweight fabric in a colour of your choice (cotton or a lining fabric) – I got all my fabric from Dunelm
  • 2 meters of linen in a contrasting colour (or matching if you prefer) only required if you want to sew a backing to the canopy
  • Iron-on heat transfer paper for light fabrics – I used about 35 A4 sheets, but this would be dependant on the size and number of images you want to use – I used these from Crafty Computer Paper
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Pins and threads in matching or contrasting colours depending on preference
  • Fabric and Paper Scissors/ Pinking shears (if required)

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Searching for an exceptional wedding planner? It has to be Lamare London

Liesl-Lamare-London-Wedding-Planners Wow, 1st of February already. How did that happen? 2017 is going so fast but I hope our newly engaged readers are still in that blissful day-dreamy phase.

When you let your mind wander, what would your guests say about your fantasy wedding? Would they say it was chic, smart, brilliant and SO YOU? Will they be talking about those gorgeous, thoughtful touches that brought the whole occasion together?

Please meet Lamare London. These extraordinary wedding planners specialise in getting just that reaction. They plan and craft weddings in the UK that are brimming with style and personality.

And no matter what the size of your wedding, every event gets the same TLC treatment. For Lamare London, this means ‘Touches of Luxury and Character”. I love that.

Lamare London works on a “luxury is in each detail” principle. And that’s got everything to do with it’s founder Liesl Lamare. 

Lamare London Wedding Event Planner_1610 Lamare London Wedding Event Planner
About Liesl Lamare

Liesl, who’s been organising weddings and events for ten years, is an unshakeable, detail-led and supremely creative, planner. She’s zeitgeisty and brings this to her work. Her influences include emerging interior design trends, fashion, travel and exhibitions. She’s got taste, folks. Lots of it.

Liesl is also actually a good friend of mine. We met through the industry and have spent loads of time together over the last couple of years. She’s amazing – such a lovely person but also so sophisticated, stylish and graceful. You know those people who just ooze understated glamour and are always well put together?

Unsurprisingly, the weddings she plans with her team at Lamare London are as crisp and gorgeous as the woman herself. 

Lamare London Wedding Event Planner_1585 Lamare London Wedding Event Planner_1603 Lamare London Wedding Event Planner_1587 Lamare London Wedding Event Planner_1590
Why Use a Wedding Planner?

You could SAVE money, gain control over your wedding and take away a whole lot of stress.

For most, your wedding day will probably be the first major event you’ve organised and it’s one hell of a learning curve if you go it alone.

So what can you expect to gain with a GOOD wedding planner like Lamare London?

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