Looking for a candid, creative wedding photographer? We’ve found him…

Ran-Bergman-Wedding-Photography-Israel So, is that loved-up selfie you took on Valentines Day still your screensaver? Did you go filter crazy until you got the perfect, natural, image. We’ve all been there.

But your wedding is one day you really don’t want to be critical of your photographs. And you definitely wont have the chance to personally edit them as you go along. In fact, you have to place a huge amount of trust in your wedding photographer – after all you won’t see the finished product until after the event.

Ran Bergman Wedding Photographer Israel Ran Bergman Wedding Photographer Israel_0142 Ran Bergman Wedding Photographer Israel Ran Bergman Wedding Photographer Israel So, to make a considered selection, that means:

  1. Studying the photographer’s website
  2. Checking their artistic style
  3. Seeing if their personality works for you
  4. Comparing costs.  

All are super-important to find ‘the one’.

Ran Bergman’s got it all

Today, I’d love to help you get to grips with a photographer we’re LOVING at STG, Ran Bergman. In fact I’m blogging a fabulous real Jewish wedding of his next month that will make your jaws drop… and what’s more, for me he sails through with flying colours on all of those points above. 

Ran Bergman Wedding Photographer Israel_0125 Ran Bergman Wedding Photographer Israel Cala shoes wedding
The Man behind the Lens

Based in Israel, Ran photographs weddings all over the world. He LOVES people and he LOVES photography. This is a heady mix for a wedding snapper.

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Smashing the Glass takes over The Savoy for 24 hours + Win a night’s stay at the iconic London hotel

My 24 hours at The Savoy filmed by Adrian Stone of The Dreamcatchers

Happy Wedding Wednesday! To soften the blow as we all come down from our Valentine’s Day highs, I have an exciting post all about my epic, 24-hour takeover of London’s iconic five-star hotel, wedding and events venue, The Savoy.

I also have a rather extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime accompanying competition to win a night for two at the world-famous Savoy, so keep your eyes peeled at the end of this post to make sure you don’t miss out (seriously, this one’s a biggie!).

Weddings-at-The-Savoy-Hotel As I was given a rare, all-access pass to a world-famous institution and the epitome of the lap of luxury (special thanks to Charlotte Faith, the amazing PR manager at The Savoy who arranged this incredible experience), I had a lot of questions – and was, in turn, provided with a plethora of answers, so it’s worth perhaps brewing a cup of tea or coffee before you sit down to read this post as there is so much fabulousness to take in.

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London
Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Accompanying me were award-winning wedding photographer, Claudine Hartzel and world-class wedding filmmaker, Adrian Stone of The Dreamcatchers. Huge thanks to both of them – for Adrian for his spectacular film right at the top and also the longer (and even more action-packed!) 5 minute version lower down in the competition section). And to the divine Claudine for capturing my stay with her fabulous photos throughout this post and on social media. Thank you to both of them for their excellent company!

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London
Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London
Savoy Flowers A suite with a river view and a second-to-none butler service

On arrival, I checked into my stunning £1,600 a night one-bedroom Edwardian suite with a river view over the Thames, looking out onto London’s much-loved landmarks, where a sumptuous lunch was already laid out for us (as well as fabulous floral arrangements from Savoy Flowers and a Chocolate Delight, which you’ll have to watch the Facebook Live video to truly appreciate). I was then introduced to The Savoy’s head butler, the delightful Sean Davoren.

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London
Suites at The Savoy come with an indescribable 24-hour butler service and now, having said that, I’m going to have to attempt to describe it in a way that does it justice.

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London
Butlers at The Savoy represent a living, breathing definition of customer service. In fact, if you look up ‘customer service’ in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of a smiling Sean Davoren proudly presenting you with a lovingly arranged tray of all of your favourite things.

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London
There’s nothing that a butler at The Savoy can’t manage. They will respond to any request within four minutes, from pressing the dress on your wedding morning to taking care of all the mundane details you don’t want to think about (kind of makes your other half seem obsolete, huh); from drawing you a luxurious, scented bath to sending up a selection of your favourite foods, whether on the menu or not – even packing for you, if you so desire.

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London_0035 This service came in extremely handy when, in all the excitement of getting glammed up for a night at The Savoy’s exceptional restaurants and bars, I actually forgot my pyjamas. It was only getting to bed, past midnight, that I realised.

Despite the antisocial hour, Sean immediately arranged for loungewear from the gym to be sent up to my room and saved the day!

Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London Blogger review of Weddings at The Savoy Hotel London To further illustrate my point: Sean was once asked to provide fresh-from-the-teat goat’s milk to fill a guest’s bath and sent a taxi all the way to Wales to collect it. How’s that for above and beyond?

Hear some more of Sean’s outrageously entertaining butler tales by catching up with our Facebook Live video below!

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A Jew-ish fairy princess garden wedding with an Allure gown at Old Red Museum, Dallas, Texas, USA

We love a bit of magic and whimsy on STG, and what could be more whimsical and delightful than a fairy princess garden theme?

Evan and Jeremy met at college where they became friends, and were later reunited when a work opportunity brought them back together.

Evan was adorned with precious family heirlooms, including her mother’s veil and jewellery from both grandmothers and her great-great grandmother, and shoe lovers who lack self control should shield their eyes now (don’t say we didn’t warn you) because you’re definitely going to want to splash out on a pair of the bride’s stunning, crystal-embellished Badgley Mischka heels. Can we say ‘bling’?

The couple had a Jew-ish wedding – an interfaith ceremony that integrated both Christian and Jewish traditions, honouring both the bride and groom’s respective backgrounds.

This gorgeous fairy princess garden themed wedding took place at idyllic venue, Old Red Museum in Texas, USA and all the details were expertly captured by AR Photography.

Let’s hand over to Evan to fill you in on every last detail!

Interfaith Jewish Wedding at the Old Red Museum Dallas Texas_0001 Interfaith Jewish Wedding at the Old Red Museum Dallas Texas_0003 Interfaith Jewish Wedding at the Old Red Museum Dallas Texas_0005
How we met

Evan, the bride: Jeremy and I met at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX when he was a junior and I was a freshman. We became instant friends, and had a great (completely platonic) friendship for the rest of my college career. When spring rolled around my senior year, Jeremy reached out to me in regards to a job opportunity at his company.

He was living in Houston, Texas and I was targeting Austin, Texas. I got the job in his company’s Austin office. Shortly after, we began talking consistently. He then asked me to meet up with his friends and go camping one weekend. After that, the rest is history. Four months later he got a job offer in Seattle, and that is where we decided to start our lives together. A year and a half on from our move, he proposed.

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Real blogging bride quirky and cool Lauren’s Jew-ish wedding at Stoke Place, Buckinghamshire, UK

Attention everyone: we have an exceptionally exciting real wedding on the blog today and one that I’ve been eager to share for quite some time!

Our real blogging bride, Lauren, who we LOVE, finally married her darling John. She is the first of our 2016 real Jewish brides to be blogged and boy, did she get wed in style. Lauren’s Jew-ish wedding was every bit as chic, contemporary and downright cool as I expected it to be. The day was expertly captured in all its glory by Photography by Krishanthi.

Lauren was a very detail-oriented bride with an exceptional eye for design. This shone through in every quirky and awesome choice the happy couple made for their big day, from their stunning gold-foil calligraphy invitations that they sourced from much-loved Smashing Supplier, The Golden Letter Paper Studio to their absolutely astounding pink ombre meringue shard cake, which almost looked too good to eat (almost).

OK, can we talk about that chuppah, please? What a wonderful sentiment and a beautiful way to involve friends and family in such an important life moment. I won’t ruin it for you, go and have a look – and then come back next week for the DIY tutorial to see how it was made.

Lauren has her own fabulous blog, which I’d encourage everyone to follow, but for now I’ll put you in Lauren’s capable hands, for one more encore on the blog (and then another cheeky one when Lauren posts her chuppah tutorial next Friday, 17th – I just can’t get enough)! Take it away, Lauren.

DIY Jewish Wedding Buckinghamshire UK_0003 DIY Jewish Wedding Buckinghamshire UK_0001 DIY Jewish Wedding Buckinghamshire UK_0004 DIY Jewish Wedding Buckinghamshire UK_0011
How we met

We talked for a few weeks on Match.com before meeting up for our first date on Valentine’s Day. I turned up very late as I was evidently not overly keen at that point. John bought me a present – a rose and a card.

We got on so well and then watched Impractical Jokers until two AM while eating my homemade cookies. Lots more details are in my first blog!

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The Sound of Wedding Music – Top DJs, Live Bands, Instrumentalists – Caliente has it ALL covered…

Caliente As I walked down the aisle towards Mr STG, a string quartet struck the first notes of Barry White’s The First, My Last, My Everything. Then Jerusalem of Gold. Come on, there are no rules, right?

Under the chuppah, a chazan sang so soulfully that he captured and melted the hearts of all present. And when Mr STG smashed the glass, the strings started up again for a joyous Mazal Tov/Hava Nagila medley.

After dinner my dad and his cousin followed this with a surprise rendition of ‘Swell Party / Well, Did You Evah‘. And the DJ took the party from there. Our wedding was a very personal musical extravaganza from beginning to end and we just loved it.

When it comes to your Jewish wedding, the music you choose will be as important as the venue. It becomes the heartbeat of your day and carries your guests along.

Caliente Live Wedding Music_1625

Who can create your Wedding Soundtrack?

Meet Caliente – a Tel Aviv based company – who totally get this and will cover the ENTIRE soundtrack of your big day. They’re creative, massively experienced and provide DJs, bands, instrumentalists and singers to pretty much anywhere in the world.

They’ll sort out all your musical needs, including ones you didn’t even know you had – live singer with a DJ set anyone?

In fact, two of our upcoming STG real wedding features used these guys and LOVED them – watch out for those posts in the coming weeks.

Will they have something for you? Absolutely. Caliente has a HUGE collection of stunning acts. You can take your pick. They cover all musical genres from soft jazz ensembles, chuppah music (see the video below – I just love it), chamber string quartets, live artists and bands (with original or cover music) to seriously impressive top DJs that’ll rock your party.

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