A Sassi Holford bride for a Destination Interfaith Jewish wedding at Les Mas des Oules, Provence, South of France

Oh what a treat I have for you today! A super gorgeous couple, and my goodness, where do I start with their delicious destination Jew-ish destination wedding?

It’s designed and planned to perfection by Lucy Till, and it’s just bursting at the seams with details that will make you squeal. Seriously – it’s that good. Kitty’s Sassi Holford wedding dress, the Provencal blooms,  the lavender theme and the home-made touches… it’s all breathtaking. Oh, and Dexter the dog. Don’t even get me started. Let’s not forget Robbie who looks super dapper in his suit and bow tie too (with a matching one for Dexter too!).

I’m approaching things from a slightly different angle today as it’s actually Kitty and Robbie’s very talented wedding photographer –David Morgan – who will be talking us through the bride and groom’s view of the day.

Enjoy this one folks!

South of France destination wedding_0001
Choosing to get married in South of France

David Morgan, their photographer: Kitty and Robbie were married at a charming little French estate called Les Mas des Oules. Les Mas des Oules is a family run estate in ‘Gard Provençal’ and it was originally the farm and winery of the château of Saint-Victor des Oules.

When Kitty and Robbie first went to see the venue it was quite literally a building site as it was in the process of being sympathetically converted by an English couple into eight houses and apartments ranging from one to three bedrooms. The venue is close to where Robbie’s parents have a home so made a lot of sense from that perspective.

Kitty and Robbie fell in love with the views and it was a snap decision with a deposit there and then!

South of France destination wedding__0021
A lavender-themed wedding

Kitty chose lavender as a theme and, in truth, it was an afterthought. Lavender grows everywhere there and the scent is often in the air. This makes sense when you consider that nothing had been planted when the venue was booked.

South of France destination wedding_0010
Hair + Make-up

Robbie’s sister helped with hair and Kitty did her make-up by by herself.

South of France destination wedding_0003 South of France destination wedding__0015
A Sassi Holford dress

Kitty wore a Sassi Holford gown purchased from Ellie Sanderson in Beaconsfield.

Kitty is not a girl for shopping! Actually she didn’t take to any of the dresses in the shop at the time and was really rather disappointed. While she was getting dressed, a courier arrived with some stock for the shop and a new dress came in and, as if by magic, it was “the one”.

South of France destination wedding_0008 South of France destination wedding_0011

Kitty rocked Christian Louboutin shoes with 100mm heels.

South of France destination wedding__0016
The handsome groom

Robbie wore a  J.Crew suit from the US and his family brought it over for him to France for the wedding.

Robbie’s key accessory was his bow tie from Mrs Bow Tie. There was even a matching one for Dexter the dog too!

South of France destination wedding_0009 South of France destination wedding_0004

Kitty and Robbie’s original florist disappeared so the couple turned to Lucy Till, their wedding planner, for help. As a result, the flowers were so much better than Kitty ever imagined they could have been. In addition, they also made the chuppah for them from scratch and all  by hand on the day too!

South of France destination wedding_0005

Kitty has known David Morgan for years and used to model for him on shoots. It is important to have someone shooting the wedding that you can trust, get along with and have the experience to deliver the best possible images. Jewish weddings can be hard to shoot well and David has a lot of experience in the field. Oh and our wedding images were amazing! We love them!

South of France destination wedding_0012 South of France destination wedding__0014
Music during the day…

The story behind the band during the day is an interesting one. They are called Gig Street. It is a talented bunch of musicians and they are a New Orleans band. Kitty and Robbie saw them playing in the street in Isle Sur La Sorgue and remembered them and asked their wedding planner to get hold of them.

South of France destination wedding_0007 South of France destination wedding__0017
…and during the evening

The evening band were English guys who live in Nice. Kitty and Robbie searched for band in France on YouTube. They aren’t a wedding band though and had to work hard with their agent to get them to come. They are called Sons Of Guns.

South of France destination wedding__0020 South of France destination wedding__0019

Kitty and Robbie spent a lot of time choosing their cuisine and their planner, Lucy Till helped too. Their chosen chef has won an award for best chef in South of France so it was not normal wedding food!

South of France destination wedding__0018 South of France destination wedding_0006

Kitty & Robbie’s little white book

Photographer – David Morgan Photography
Wedding planner – Lucy Till French Weddings
Venue – Les Mas des Oules
Bride’s dress – Sassi Holford from Ellie Sanderson
Groom’s attire – J.Crew suit and a Mrs Bow Tie
Day band – Gig Street
Evening band – Sons Of Guns


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